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Kubernetes Training for Operators

We offer hands-on workshops that cover fundamental concepts and features of Kubernetes. At the end of the training you will be able to operate Kubernetes and deploy applications.

This Kubernetes Training for Operators training course picks up where s designed to provide experienced Kubernetes users with a detailed look at the administration and deployment of the Kubernetes platform through a combination of lecture, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. This course will give attendees a better understanding of Kubernetes features including the scheduler, replication controller master, kublet and service proxies.

How We Do It

Part I (Basic)

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster using kops, terraform or cloud-native tools
First Steps with the Kubernetes CLI
Kubernetes Developer Concepts
Configuration and Secrets Management
Service Discovery with Microservices
Deploy Applications using Helm Charts
Updating Applications & Canary Deployment
Logging within a Kubernetes cluster
Monitoring within a Kubernetes cluster
Upgrading a Kubernetes cluster: In-place Upgrade
Upgrading a Kubernetes cluster: Blue/Green Upgrade
Cluster Scaling
Application Autoscaling

Part II (Advanced)

StatefulSets with EBS
Specifying Network Policies
Using CoreDNS for Service Discovery
Managing IAM roles with kube2iam
CI/CD Pipeline
Ingress Controller
Nginx Ingress Controller


Available for onsite and online delivery.