L1NDA’s Journey with DoiT: Enhancing Performance and Reducing Costs 30%
Gwen Graman, Chief Growth Officer, and Dragan Nanic, CTO of L1NDA, reflect on their collaboration with DoiT International. L1NDA, an Amsterdam-based staff planning platform, faced the daunting task of migrating and scaling their SaaS product on AWS while managing costs effectively. Enter DoiT International, recommended by the AWS Startup Council to help L1NDA manage this task.

Discover how DoiT’s expert guidance helped L1NDA navigate the complexities of AWS, from optimizing load balancers and setting up IPv6 to tackling unexpected cost surges. Gwen and Dragan delve into how DoiT’s fast, knowledgeable support and strategic insights into AWS’s latest and greatest features led to significant improvements in platform performance and security.

Learn about the tangible benefits of this partnership: a more performant and secure platform that delights customers with its speed and stability, and an impressive cost reduction of 30%. This video is a testament to how DoiT’s partnership can transform cloud infrastructure challenges into success stories, making it a must-watch for businesses looking to leverage AWS to its fullest potential.

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