Smart scale for greater savings

Save up to 90% on compute spend without compromising reliability, as Spot Scaling automatically adapts ASGs to your needs.

Available for AWS.

“We no longer have to spend time understanding how Google Cloud works because DoiT international does it for us. Combined with the compute savings, we can use these resources to make our algorithm more capable and run it more frequently. And that adds directly to our customers’ bottom line.”

Matt Yule-Bennett

Chief Technology Officer


Why Spot Scaling?

Icon 1 - Spot Made Simple

Spot savings
made simple

Save more with Spot, while having launch templates, configuration, mixed instances policies and a myriad of other configuration settings taken care of.

Icon 2 - Fall back to on-demand

Fall back to

Prevent service disruptions with automatic fallback to on-demand when there isn’t enough Spot capacity available.

Icon 3 - Keep savings

Keep 100% of your
Spot savings

Spot Scaling is commission-free for DoiT customers, so you can reap the full benefits of your Spot savings.

How it works

Spot Scaling proactively monitors your AWS Auto-Scaling Groups (ASGs), looking for optimization opportunities where all or some of its on-demand instances can be safely replaced with Spot. Once an unoptimized ASG is identified, Spot Scaling automatically swaps on-demand instances with Spot instances, increasing your savings from Spot while avoiding service disruption.

Being tool-agnostic, Spot Scaling integrates with any existing Infrastructure-as-Code tools you use to easily implement Spot Scaling’s ASG recommendations. 

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