Proactive alerts to stop cost spikes

Stop cloud cost spikes in their tracks, using DoiT Anomaly Detection to autonomously surface cost anomalies and minimize their impact on your bill.

Available for AWS and Google Cloud.

“Every time we launch a new cloud product, we must closely monitor hosting costs on a daily basis, which can be painful because it is an incredibly manual task. Thanks to DoiT Anomaly Detection, we have more time to focus on other areas in our business, trusting that we’ll get alerted whenever there is any deviation in cloud usage from our normal behavior. You made my life easier!”

Raouf Ayoub

Head of FP&A

Anomaly Detection Benefits

Icon 1 - zero-effort

Zero-effort monitoring

Uncover anomalies autonomously, without needing to dedicate resources towards identifying the source and scope of the problem.

Icon 2 - no config

No configuration required

Use ML to understand and define normal behavior for each service you use — per project and account — and avoid manual threshold setup.

Icon 3 - catch spikes early

Catch cost spikes early

Minimize impact to your bill with up-to-date analysis of your workload activity the second new billing files are made available.

How it works

DoiT Anomaly Detection uses ML to analyze your billing data and define spending patterns across the services you use, per project and account. It then alerts you when there’s a detected deviation from normal behavior so you can tackle the cause. By autonomously monitoring for anomalies, you minimize the impact of abnormal cost spikes and allow your engineers to focus on more important product initiatives.

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