20/20 vision into cloud bills

Understand the most important aspects of your cloud spend to inform internal conversations, identify optimization opportunities and better plan for the future.

Available for AWS and Google Cloud.

Cloud Analytics

“Cloud analytics by DoiT has been a great tool in helping us to focus on understanding technical cloud metrics and their related costs. It informed conversations that were previously hunches and forced us to better understand our own processes. We saved money and ultimately became a better company.”

Ben Hizak


Why Cloud Analytics

Icon 1 - Cloud Bill

Become fluent in your cloud bill

Effortlessly make sense of your spend and identify important trends with full visibility into your Google Cloud and AWS spend.

Icon 2 - Map Costs

Map costs to environments, products and more

Spotlight how your cloud costs are allocated within the context of your business.

Icon 3 - Predictable Costs

Turn variable costs into predictable costs

Minimize surprises and better plan for the future with accurate, ML-powered budgets and cost forecasts.

How it works

Cloud Analytics expedites time-to-insight by giving full visibility into your cloud spend at all levels. With Cloud Analytics, you can build shareable reports and dashboards that spotlight how costs are allocated and trending — ultimately leading to cost accountability across your organization, where everyone on your team is empowered to take ownership for their usage.

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