A Microsoft Solution Partner for multicloud success

DoiT supports Microsoft Azure billing data to increase cloud cost transparency and make more informed business decisions.

microsoft solution partner
microsoft cloud solution provider

Supporting operations at scale

From custom cost and usage reports to complete allocations and alerting across multicloud environments, DoiT supports companies in monitoring their Azure environment alongside Google Cloud and/or AWS with intelligent technology that simplifies and automates multicloud use.

Custom cost and usage reports

View all of your cloud costs in a single place, and drill down into and understand your Azure spend with custom cost and usage reports. 

Anomaly detection

Catch anomalies in Azure spend with Anomaly Detection, and monitor for cost spikes in your Azure spend along with your AWS and/or Google Cloud spend.

Allocation, budgeting, and alerts

Build budgets and cost alerts that span across all of your cloud environments. Allocate Azure spend across your business to build more complete cost allocations.

Taboola has been leveraging DoiT’s products to harness the capabilities of the cloud and reduce end-of-month invoice dread.

“With DoiT’s extended support of Azure, controlling our costs is that much easier with a single-pane-of-glass view into all of our clouds, accompanied with their built-in machine learning, automation, and automated reporting.”

Lior Ehrenfeld, VP of Finance & Ops

Our Microsoft competencies

Our Microsoft competencies

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