Harness the advantages of multiple clouds to create true business value with a robust multicloud strategy.

Multicloud with DoiT

The promise of multicloud is the ability to combine the best capabilities and cost savings of multiple cloud providers to achieve optimal operational efficiency, security and scalability. But accessing and harnessing the best of each solution is complex. You need a strategic multicloud approach guided by your company’s particular circumstances and goals and a solid grasp of just what multicloud can do for you. 

To design a deliberate strategy around multicloud, you need to take an honest look at your existing company culture, DevOps practices and tech stack. This assessment will guide your multicloud management plan – a solid, multiyear blueprint for digital empowerment grounded in the key elements of people, processes and technology.

Partner with us and rely on the support of an experienced cloud expert who can guide you as you harness the multicloud model.

Our multicloud cost optimization process

Icon 1 - identify idle resources

Identify idle and misprovisioned resources

We explore why services and assets in your environments are unused and configure resources correctly.

Icon 2 - update and manage copy

Update resources and manage compute discounts

It’s then time to upgrade instances and consider RIs and CUDs for prepaid resources at a lower cost.

Icon 3 - review strategy

Review storage and content distribution strategy

Finally, we advise you on the right storage and content distribution strategy to optimize costs.

“DoiT can bring the weight of AWS, GCP and Azure to companies like ours in the ISV Go-Global program. This is one indication of a much longer relationship that we’re building with a partner, a trusted partner.””

Carlos Anchia

CEO and Co-founder

Understanding multicloud

Some cloud providers provide tooling and processes that enable cloud-agnostic capabilities. These often use containers and microservices to facilitate deployment in private and public clouds from multiple vendors. This represents a possible step forward in the quest for a world in which teams don’t have to learn different environments and APIs, but no vendor has yet built a totally transparent, fully integrated multicloud solution.

As orchestration tools are decoupled from infrastructure, businesses are likely to find it easier to run their workloads in multiple cloud environments. However, this is a market that moves at lightning speed, so no company has the luxury to relax and  consider their multicloud strategy complete. It is vital to review your existing business practices and tech stack and establish a strong multicloud strategy that you update on a regular basis. Extracting full business value from multicloud generally involves consulting an experienced cloud expert who can support and guide your efforts.

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