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expertise, made
simple and accessible

Spend more time solving cloud challenges — and less time figuring out how to solve them — with easy access to exclusively-senior cloud expertise for consulting, upskilling, and support.

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The DoiT experience

Tap into DoiT whenever you need expert advice, an outside opinion, assistance with adopting new technologies, or help fighting fires in production. We operate with a “hands-off”, do-with approach, that educates and enables companies like yours to implement solutions to their problems self-sufficiently.

Subject-matter experts,

Rearchitecting your app? Building a new data pipeline? Adopting Gen AI technologies? Our engineers will help you identify the optimal approach and supporting technologies to serve your business.

Expert-led, hands-on
cloud trainings

Bridge internal knowledge gaps and upskill your team with interactive labs and customized trainings across a broad spectrum of multicloud technologies.

Cloud Optimization Workshops

Optimize existing workloads’ cost, architecture, security, and more with expert-led cloud optimization sessions.

Accelerated cloud technology deployments

Designed to help you fast-track new cloud solutions, DoiT Accelerators give you the dedicated cloud expertise and resources to quickly adopt new technologies and develop production-ready workloads with them.

Fast-Tracked Marketplace integration

Get expert guidance on your technical deployment, pricing, and timeline approaches to integrate into Google Cloud and AWS Marketplace.

Cloud commits
made easy

Negotiating cloud commits can be daunting. Maximize your discounts and ensure you’re committing to the right amount by tapping into DoiT’s collective experience helping over 500 customers navigate commit deals.

Why cloud-driven companies work with DoiT


We don’t believe you should wait days or weeks for a specialist due to partner resource constraints. With DoiT you’re getting industry-leading response and resolution times from 200+ senior cloud architects — across all severity levels.

Flexible, uncapped

Having a SOW and change order for every scope change slows down innovation and drives up costs. We don’t put a cap on sessions or charge based on time and materials.

Enablement from Day-0 to
Day-2 and beyond

Instead of teaching customers how to be self-sufficient, many partners push professional services and upsells that continue your reliance on them. Every engagement with DoiT is meant to enable your team, from Day-0 to Day-2 and beyond.

Exclusively-senior cloud

Support that initially routes you to junior engineers and forces you to navigate through seniority levels results in project delays and inadequate assistance. With DoiT you’re exclusively working with senior cloud architects, whether the topic is consultative or break-fix.

Let’s explore how we can work together

“Vertex AI’s launch presented an exciting opportunity to integrate a cutting-edge Gen AI experience into our product. DoiT’s AI and ML experts not only accelerated our team’s learning curve, but also provided invaluable guidance throughout the integration process. Their support ensured a smooth and rapid implementation, allowing us to be the first in our industry to deliver a seamless Gen AI experience to our users.”

Dan Ferguson, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Glean

Meet our cloud experts

With DoiT you have a direct line to over 180 senior cloud experts — from ex-heads of data and solution architects, to people who’ve solved complex cloud issues at large companies such as PayPal and ironSource.

Tomer Radian

Tomer Radian

Senior Cloud Architect

  • Ex-Principal Solutions Architect at AWS
  • Former Chief Architect at Anagog
  • Senior Member of the IEEE
  • Black Belt in Aikido
Sascha Heyer

Sascha Heyer

Senior Cloud Architect

  • Senior ML and AI specialist
  • Google Developer Expert
  • Google Cloud Innovator
  • Historical Tomato Seed Collector
Joshua Fox

Joshua Fox

Senior Cloud Architect

  • Principal Architect across multiple small (Freightos) and large companies (IBM)
  • 25 patents granted across semantic data management, ontology, data security
  • Regular speaker at conferences like SRECon and JavaOne
  • Learned Yiddish to fluency
Steve Johns

Steve Johns

Senior Cloud Architect

  • DevOps Consultant – AWS Professional Services
  • Former Sr DevOps Engineer @ Guaranteed Rate
  • 5-year DevOps consultant @ AWS
  • Golfing and camping enthusiast
Alfredo Prada Giorgi

Alfredo Prada Giorgi

GCP Cloud Infrastructure Practice Lead

  • Ex-CTO
  • Mobile App Development Pioneer
  • IoT Specialist
  • Beer & BBQ Aficionado
Chimbu Chinnadurai

Chimbu Chinnadurai

Senior Cloud Architect

  • Kubernetes and Networking Specialist
  • Ex-Senior Platforms Engineer @Rightmove
  • Ex-DevOps/SRE Engineer @Waitrose
  • Cricket and sci-fi movies fan

Your Accelerator journey with DoiT

DoiT Accelerators take your team through a structured framework to quickly adopt new cloud services and develop production-ready workloads with them.



(1-2 hours)

  • Ideation & discovery
  • Scoping the project & outcomes
  • Project resourcing



(6-8 hours)

  • Target architecture workshop & review
  • Service-specific training (fundamentals and/or deep dive)
  • Accelerated PoC deployment



(<14 hours)

  • Production-ready
    documentation, architecture
    diagrams, and IaC assets.
  • Pre-production architecture
    review and recommendations
  • Workload fine-tuning

Don’t just take our word for it

We have been provided with a solid answer, validating our own findings. The architecture on our mind doesn’t seem to be a valid approach at all.

Umut Ozkan @ Hipporello

Dave Cavaletto was responsive and very helpful throughout. He gave good, actionable advice and escalated our issue to Google.

Sasha Modarres @ CipherTrace

Excellent research from Rupal! Provided relevant and accurate recommendations that addressed my issue and allowed me to continue with my work. Thank you, Rupal!

Jong @ F45 Training

EXCELLENT job from Ciara, thank you very much! A pleasure work with people like Ciara, brilliant!

Ricardo Moreno @ Movired

Eduardo was outstanding: hiswalk-through was clear, he was patient in answering questions, and very quick at troubleshooting. Amazing support from doIt. 10/10

James Maxia @ Stack Data Strategies

Tyler was great in diving into the finer details of my problem to ensure that he could provide accurate and relevant solutions. He even went so far as to PoC some approaches himself! He provided a better solution and experience than we’d received in dealing directly with AWS support.

Gabe Rivera @ Paceline

Andrew was enthusiastic about helping me and treated my issues as serious issues. We were quickly able to resolve the underlying issue after an escalation.

Shadi @ WeAreManyFold

Rupal and Birger Halfmeier blew me away with their level of support. They dug into our historical metrics to find when anomalies began, and provided extremely detailed answers that show a high level of knowledge of AWS systems

Matt @ Cars and Bids

The numbers to back it up

With DoiT, you get a global team of senior cloud experts with decades of experience and 700+ collective cloud certifications in cloud architecture, Kubernetes, machine learning and much more – all on call for you.

Median first reply time

Urgent (P1)
High (P2)
Normal (P3)
Low (P4)

Full resolution time


Team satisfaction rate


All-time requests


Cloud Masters Podcast

From Cloud Practitioner to Cloud Master

Cloud Masters is a no-fluff cloud podcast distilling the learnings from 140,000+ cloud challenges and customer experiences into tangible tips for navigating the cloud.

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