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A global team of committed cloud experts with decades of experience in cloud architecture, Kubernetes, machine learning and much more — all on call for you.
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Raising expectations for cloud reliability

Working with DoiT means tapping into the brilliant minds helping to shape the modern cloud. You get access to our customer reliability engineers (CREs), renowned throughout the industry for their skill and dedication.


“In DoiT we found a partner we can really consult with and come up with radical new ways of how to do things. They have a deep understanding of the technologies involved. They’re not just a contractor that executes our plan.”

Orit Yaron

VP of Cloud Platform


Our senior-level cloud engineers and architects collectively have hundreds of certifications and years of experience working with our public cloud partners. Their expertise and commitment to a cloud-enabled future is on hand every day to help you achieve your goals.

Cloud Architecture

Ensure your cloud architecture is future-ready and built for success.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Identify key opportunities to optimize costs and target spend for added value.

Cloud Migration

Realize greater efficiency, savings and more with successful cloud migration.

Cloud Security

Prioritize security in your cloud strategy to ensure ongoing efficacy and growth.

Cloud Training

Support your business future by building skills and capability across teams.

Data and Analytics

Harness the full potential of big data and analytics to gain a competitive edge.

Data Management

Build your data practice with expert guidance tailored to your business goals.

DevOps Jump Start

Accelerate your AWS workloads & release pipelines while also increasing automation, monitoring & reliability.


Learn how DoiT enables critical FinOps capabilities


Maximize the full suite capabilities from your cloud infrastructure.


Manage the complexity of Kubernetes to enable greater innovation and scalability.

Location Based Services

Transform geodata into real-world, real-time location intelligence and insights.

Machine Learning

Level-up key data with ML capabilities that guide strategy and accelerate innovation.


Create meaningful business value with a robust strategy for multicloud use.

Engineer to engineer

Unrivaled cloud expertise
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Managed Service Provider

Premier Partner and 8x Google Cloud Partner of the Year delivering engineer-to-engineer support.

“DoiT clearly invests in service quality to ensure that as we scale, costs don’t skyrocket and we maintain access to the same white-glove support we need to succeed. The support infrastructure that DoiT has built is first class, especially compared to other vendors I’ve worked with throughout my career.”

Trevor Marshall

Chief Technology Officer

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