Cloud Architecture

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Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture with DoiT

From the first component, your cloud architecture defines the future performance and development potential of your offering, including how effectively your teams will be able to iterate and improve on your applications. Which is to say, your cloud architecture is important. 

DoiT engineers have decades of experience designing reliable, scalable public cloud architectures for digitally savvy companies like yours. Whether you use AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or a hybrid or multicloud ecosystem, we’re ready with the expertise needed to guide you toward the right cloud architecture choices for your business. 

Our process

Icon 1 - reveiw needs

Review architecture needs

We begin with a deep dive into your organization’s unique requirements.

Icon 2 - advise on choices

Advise on tech choices

Then we model and deploy a proof of concept tailored to your project’s needs.

Icon 3 - deploy and optimize

Deploy and optimize

Finally we work with you to deploy your strategy and improve upon it iteratively.

“DoiT has a broader view on how companies are successfully leveraging new cloud technologies, so it can offer deep expertise to help us use best practices in deploying the many different services we use. As DoiT consultants are the experts, they can help us to get the most cost-effective use from Google Cloud.”

Olivier Loverde


Understanding cloud architecture

Cloud architecture identifies how individual technologies are integrated within a cloud ecosystem, offering a structural blueprint for how the components and tools required to build an application are connected.

The purpose, function and availability of your application will inform what the specifics of your cloud architecture look like, although the basic requirements tend to be consistent: hardware, middleware, management, automation and virtualization. Your architecture will also account for data management and security, and public cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud have in-built solutions to ensure the applications running on their clouds are compliant and reliable.

Companies can build architectures for the public cloud or private cloud, a hybrid environment, or a multicloud system. As cloud adoption accelerates in our increasingly dynamic and globalized world, more organizations are adopting multicloud and increasing their investment particularly in public cloud technology.

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