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Location based services is about more than just geolocational data — it lets you harness that data for real-world, real-time location intelligence.

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Customers want connected, real-time experiences. Increasingly, they rely on apps to help them find places, events, services and people – and those apps depend on location-based services (LBS) to integrate data from various resources to deliver customized and relevant services based on the user’s geographic location. 

Companies intent on catering to changing customer and market trends must understand their market environment. Wherever your customers conduct their business, you need to be on top of the real-world factors that guide their decisions so that you can develop a holistic view of your market and make targeted business decisions. 

DoiT understands what’s involved in harnessing LBS to deliver real business success while delighting customers and preserving their privacy. We can help you build powerful data platforms that provide near-real-time location data at scale, cutting your costs and enabling deeper investment in products that drive adoption and revenue.

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Review LBS requirements

We begin with a deep dive into your organization’s LBS use case, including geolocational data sources, spatial analysis requirements and cartographic output needs.

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Advise on LBS options

We provide guidance on LBS solutions, functionality and performance, as well as potential optimization of your cloud-based infrastructure to deliver enhanced LBS.

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Deploy and optimize

Finally we work with you to deploy, enhance and optimize your LBS strategy.

“Our volumes of data have grown rapidly since we started working with DoiT. We’re consuming about four times more data on a daily basis, from around 200 million data points a day to 800, but at the same time, our costs have fallen by 50%.”

Isambard Poulson

Cofounder and CTO

Understanding location-based services

Whether you are looking for someone, somewhere or something, LBS technology drives the functionality of many mobile apps. It works by integrating data from satellite navigation systems, cellular networks and mobile devices to deliver services based on the geographical locations of users. Today’s cloud and SaaS-based  geolocational technology has evolved to provide complex solutions for implementing scalable, performant and resilient location-based service models and facilities.

As smartphone technology advances, dependency on location-based services has soared. Mobility, last-mile delivery, geofencing, in-store mapping, e-commerce checkout and location-based advertisements are all enabled by LBS, allowing businesses to provide relevant content and improve the user’s in-app experience.

To learn more about how DoiT can help you to define, implement, refine and integrate your LBS technology with your cloud infrastructure, click to get in touch.

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