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DoiT International and Kubernetes go way back. By working with CNCF, we helped build Kubernetes to make it an ideal platform for next-gen applications. So yes, I guess you could say we’re close.

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Get help from people who build Kubernetes

Since its inception in 2014, we have worked with countless companies helping to deploy Kubernetes on every possible platform – Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Azure and on-premises.

Our clients say.

“Agriculture is a seasonal business, so we have certain months of peak activity followed by quiet months, and we also have peaks throughout the day. During quiet times, we can scale back all our high-level Compute Engine GPU resources automatically so we don't have to prepare our system in advance.”
Eli Bukchin, Co-founder and CTO
CNCF silver member
Kubernetes Partner
Certified Service Provider

Our Crew

Daniel Eden – Senior Cloud Architect

When Daniel isn’t stuck in the cloud, he is creating sweet melodies on his chromatic harmonica. He’s our in-house fixer upper - no really, he can fix pretty much anything.

Meet the team

Our Crew

Or Zaida – Senior Cloud Architect

When Or isn’t stuck in the Cloud, he’s jamming out on his guitar or crafting the perfect sandwich.

Meet the team

Our Crew

Vadim Solovey – General Manager

When Vadim isn’t stuck in the Cloud, he’s traveling the world and racking up AWS and Google certifications. He’s obsessed with making complex stuff easy. That might be why he’s so great at global travel.

Meet the team

Our Crew

Doron Offir – Director of Cloud Reliability Engineering
Meet the team

Our Crew

Alex Soubbotin – Cloud Architect

When Alex isn’t stuck in the cloud, he is likely setting up a tent as part of his latest outdoor adventure. When he’s back online, he’s making sure our client experience is unforgettable.

Meet the team

Our Crew

Eran Chetzroni – Staff Cloud Architect

When Eran isn’t stuck in the cloud, he is snapping overhead photos of his meals and taking care of his cats. Whenever we need a quick addition to our company blog, we yell his name.

Meet the team

Our clients say.

“With help of DoiT, our transition to Google Cloud was smooth and efficient. DoiT engineers were there to answer all of our questions, consulted with us on best practices for Google Cloud deployment, and helped us solve any issues that arose, quickly and efficiently.”
Gal Shaul, Co-founder and CTO
Kubernetes for You

Cloud Native Architecture Consulting & Design

Together we’ll build a roadmap to pilot and deploy Kubernetes according to your requirements. Included are an architecture assessment and design consultation for business critical applications.

Production-Grade Kubernetes Support

Operate an agile Kubernetes infrastructure backed by our experts. Our support covers critical workflows and technologies so you can build, run and scale Kubernetes with confidence.

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Improving Kubernetes

Sometimes you need more. We hear you. That’s why we’ve been creating tools and add-ons for Kubernetes on every platform.
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