Accelerate new
EKS deployments

Designed to help you launch new EKS workloads fast, DoiT’s EKS Accelerator provides the dedicated senior cloud expertise, enablement, and resources to quickly develop a production-ready workload.

Your EKS journey with DoiT

We take you and your team through a structured framework
to quickly arrive at a production-ready workload running on Amazon EKS.

We take you and your team through a structured framework to quickly arrive at a production-ready workload running on Amazon EKS.



(1-2 hours)

  • Ideation & discovery
  • Scoping the project & outcomes
  • Project resourcing



(6-8 hours)

  • Target Architecture Workshop & Review
  • EKS training (Fundamentals and/or Deep Dive)
  • Accelerated PoC Deployment



(<14 hours)

  • Pre-production architecture review and recommendations report
  • Documentation, architecture diagrams & IaC assets
  • Workload fine-tuning

“This whole balancing of costs versus savings, and the pros and cons of various infrastructure, is the kind of thing that DoiT helps us with. We’re not beginners with AWS, so we’re definitely challenging DoiT with our requirements, and they help us come up with advanced solutions on an architectural level. For example, they helped us perform cost analysis on our data processing engine, which ultimately told us that using EKS instead of Apache Spark on EMR would be more cost-effective.”

Tobias Widmer, Founder and CTO, Onedot

What can you expect?

While your project will be tailored to your requirements, these are some typical outcomes you can expect.

Validated workload suitability & compatibility with Amazon EKS.

Connecting your needs to what’s possible, we’ll brainstorm solutions with you that are compatible with your existing stack, arriving at a validated idea with target architecture mapped out.

Upskilling through senior cloud architect-led trainings and knowledge transfer

Bridging internal knowledge gaps, DoiT’s EKS Accelerator comes with fundamentals and deep-dive training on Amazon EKS.

Fast-tracked data platform PoC

Infusing best practice-loaded DoiT Terraform templates with acquired learnings from training sessions, we’ll help you quickly transition your validated ideas into a Proof of Concept (PoC) data platform.

Accelerated time-to-production

Through co-development sessions and more, we’ll help you fine-tune your PoC into a scalable, production-ready workload.

Enablement for Day-2 and beyond

You’ll get production-ready documentation, architecture diagrams, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) assets, enabling your team to self-sufficiently manage the new workload post-implementation.

Ongoing technical guidance and support

Throughout the journey to production-readiness you can tap into senior cloud experts for recommendations and fine-tuning help*.

* Day-2 consulting and support available for customers with a DoiT Cloud Solve subscription

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