Meet Jaret Chiles

How did a small-town internet service provider technician from Texas come to lead DoiT’s global client services team? To hear our VP of Client Services Jaret Chiles tell the story, it came down to passion, dedication and opportunity — things every CRE knows plenty about.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been obsessed with driving the kind of digital transformation that helps businesses achieve their goals,” Jaret explains in his blog about joining DoiT. “After meeting some DoiT CREs, I soon learned why people were keen to join DoiT – and stay there: DoiT’s approach creates a consulting capability aligned with the needs of today’s clients, as well as tremendous internal satisfaction and pride in what they do among CREs.”

Watch the full video to hear more from Jaret about his background and experience, and what excites and inspires him in his role as head of DoiT’s acclaimed customer reliability engineering team.

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