Engineer-to-engineer with Diego Munoz

You know that success with the cloud starts with proper planning, but do you know as much about planning and structuring cloud data as Diego Munoz? (Hats off if you do. That’s impressive.)

Bringing a wealth of experience in systems infrastructure and communications to the DoiT CRE team, Diego takes a strategic and success-minded approach to cloud data architecture that helps him help customers define the right solution for their needs.

“The problems that I solve for my customers are usually with regard to proof of concept — to guide them through defining KPIs and bring them a roadmap in order to accomplish that,” he explains. “It’s still a new technology. That means in order to do it effectively, it’s very important to have the proper structure.”

Watch the full video to hear more from Diego about what excites and inspires him in his work as a senior cloud data architect and customer reliability engineer at DoiT.

Engineer to Engineer is a series of short videos introducing our renowned team of customer reliability engineers, or CREs. This team is responsible for the unparalleled service and support all DoiT customers receive, at no extra cost, around the clock and around the world.

Our senior-level cloud engineers and architects collectively have hundreds of certifications and years of experience working with our public cloud partners. Their expertise and commitment to a cloud-enabled future is on hand every day to help you achieve your goals.

Our customer satisfaction rate averages at 98%, with an average first reply time below 40 minutes and full resolution time in under two days. But don’t take our word for it — check out our live stats, unedited and available in real time at to see what our customers have to say.

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