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Transforming fashion: DoiT helps Pronti AI migrate to a serverless optimized infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform

Pronti AI
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Meet Pronti AI

Pronti AI revolutionized its fashion AI app, achieving enhanced security, agility, and cost optimization with DoiT on Google Cloud

Pronti AI revolutionizes how people engage with fashion by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. With its innovative mobile application, Pronti AI provides users with tailored outfit recommendations and expert shopping guidance derived from their personal closets, specific occasions, and even their current moods. By allowing users to upload pictures of their clothing items effortlessly, Pronti AI unlocks a world of fashion possibilities, empowering individuals to make informed style decisions and confidently express themselves through their unique sense of fashion. To enhance the experience, Pronti also gives suggestions on items to buy that fit the clothes the user already has.

The challenge

Pronti AI initially developed its fashion stylist app on AWS, but struggled with scalability and resource provisioning. As initially set up, Pronti AI’s infrastructure became an over-provisioned system and did not offer autoscaling capability. Additionally, its self-managed database on Kubernetes posed security risks and required extensive maintenance. In total, these challenges led to unnecessary costs and complexity in day-to-day operations. Resourced by a small IT team that lacked deeper AWS expertise, Pronti AI needed a simpler approach to its IT infrastructure – starting with its core public cloud infrastructure.

After Pronti AI made the choice to migrate to Google Cloud and redesign its architecture, they worked with Google to find the right partner to support the migration itself. The team at Google recommended DoiT International, a Google Partner of the Year, as a full service multicloud partner with a global presence.

The solution

DoiT and Pronti AI started working together at the beginning of the migration and redesign phase, enabling DoiT to identify the weaknesses and pain points of the previous architecture. Through its review, DoiT identified the critical areas of improvement: inflexible resource provisioning, complex maintenance, and weak security measures. DoiT proposed a tailored and simplified Google Cloud-based architecture that maximized the utilization of managed services and serverless components, shifting some of the expertise demand from Pronti AI to DoiT.

Due to the stringent resource provisioning process, DoiT first focused on improving scalability and elasticity. By adding Google Cloud Run, a serverless environment for containerized applications, Pronti AI could better handle demand fluctuations without managing the underlying infrastructure. The integration of Cloud Run with Google Cloud Build facilitated easy deployment and scaling of API services, ensuring scalability and elasticity to meet varying workloads. To ensure efficient database schema upgrades, DoiT supported Pronti AI in setting up Cloud Run Jobs for Database Schema upgrades. These isolated and ephemeral environments allowed independent execution of schema upgrade tasks, minimizing the impact on the main application’s performance and availability. The scalability, resource efficiency, visibility, error handling, rollbacks, integration with CI/CD pipelines, and security features of Cloud Run Jobs streamlined the schema upgrade process.

To automate the build, testing, continuous integration and deployment of API services, DoiT’s Customer Reliability Engineers made a comprehensive and strategic recommendation to integrate Google Cloud Build with GitHub repositories. This integration helped Pronti AI to ensure that its API services were always up to date, eliminating the need for manual deployments. The integration enabled CI/CD, enhancing the development process’s efficiency and reducing the effort required. Cloud Build also enabled Pronti AI to define custom build steps and configurations for its API services. This flexibility empowered them to tailor the build and deployment workflows to its requirements. They could now set up build triggers, define environment variables, run tests, and execute custom scripts, creating extensive customization opportunities during development. And by deploying API services via Cloud Build integration with GitHub repositories, Pronti AI could now leverage Cloud Run’s built-in monitoring and logging capabilities. This integration provided valuable insights into its API services’ performance, availability, and error rates. They could utilize Google Cloud Logging to capture and analyze logs for efficient debugging and troubleshooting. By leveraging GitHub’s popular version control platform and integrating it with Cloud Build, Pronti AI gained the benefits of version control for its API services, such as branching, pull requests, and code reviews. This integration streamlined collaboration, enabled effective change management, and ensured a well-documented codebase history. The strategic guidance that Pronti AI received from DoiT engineers enabled this small IT staff to improve development with customizations and automations that helped drive both quality of deliver and efficiency.

To finalize the migration and optimization, DoiT provided expertise to develop the security around the infrastructure. To enhance security and network isolation, DoiT guided the configuration of Pronti AI’s database to use an internal IP and connected it through a VPC Serverless Connector. This approach offered enhanced security, reduced attack surface, improved performance and latency, compliance with regulatory requirements, simplified networking, and seamless integration with other VPC resources.

The result

After implementing the solution guided by DoiT, Pronti AI achieved key business outcomes, including:

  • Increased Security and Agility
    The new architecture enhanced security measures, reducing the risk of potential breaches. The more agile infrastructure allowed Pronti AI to make changes and upgrades more easily, ensuring the system’s robustness.
  • Automated Testing and Deployment
    The newly architected infrastructure enabled automated testing and deployment processes, improving development efficiency and the reliability of deployments and integrations.
  • Cost Optimization
    By leveraging managed services and serverless components, Pronti AI successfully optimized its costs by accurately sizing its public cloud compute resources to match its needs, eliminating unnecessary resource provisioning and reducing operational complexity.

Mila Banerjee, CEO
“DoiT’s expertise has been invaluable in migrating the application for our core product to Google Cloud Platform. DoiT helped us to anticipate and address scalability, security, and automation challenges, which enhanced our app’s security and agility, and optimized its costs . We have already seen increased efficiency resulting in a more productive environment and allowing our team to focus on what matters – developing our product.”

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