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Bdeo: Revolutionizing the insurance industry through cloud cost optimization

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Reduction of operational costs


Savings in cloud spend


Decrease of on-demand cloud costs

Meet Bdeo

With its visual intelligence technology, Bdeo allows insurance companies to use images to assess damage and estimate costs with precision and speed. This streamlines the claims and underwriting processes, empowering insurance companies to make informed decisions quickly. Founded in Spain in 2017, Bdeo now works with more than 50 companies across 28 countries globally, and has offices in Spain, Mexico, the UK, France, and Italy.

The challenge

With its powerful AI-driven visual intelligence technology, Bdeo empowers insurance companies to collect evidence digitally and automate processes to allow them to estimate costs with precision and speed, ensuring everyone from insurance companies to policy holders enjoy a better, faster experience.

Bdeo’s business grew rapidly during the pandemic, when its visual intelligence technology allowed insurance companies to gather evidence remotely. To support this growth, Bdeo scaled up its cloud infrastructure quickly, ensuring it was able to meet the needs of its rapidly growing client base. Such rapid growth can often come at the expense of cost-efficient cloud architecture, however, and Antonio David Fernandez Reyes, CTO at Bdeo, was keen to understand exactly what Bdeo was paying for and whether it could optimize its costs.

“We were finding it really difficult and time consuming to measure our cloud costs, so we needed to be able to measure them in a simple way,” Fernandez Reyes explains. “We wanted to understand which business areas and products were driving what costs so that we could make decisions based on data to reduce those costs.”

The solution

Visualizing cloud spend across the organization with the DoiT console

Bdeo began working with DoiT in 2023, leveraging DoiT Cloud Analytics and building custom dashboards to gain clearer insight into its costs and how to manage them.

“Our DevOps engineers, our ML Ops, our CIO – every role related to our infrastructure now has a tool to visualize any cost in detail within five minutes,” Fernandez Reyes explains. “If we want to understand why costs are rising or which exact resource is costing a certain amount, we just open the report, configure it, and in five minutes we have the answer.”

Bdeo now uses Attributions in the DoiT Platform to attribute costs to specific products and services and combine them with others to get a clear understanding of complex costs throughout its cloud services. By visualizing its expenditure in this way, Bdeo can then identify patterns of costs in various parts of the business, helping the company understand where efficiencies can be made. The console has even helped Bdeo identify costs it didn’t know it had, such as an encryption service that it didn’t need, leading to quick fixes to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Previously, Bdeo also used to experience a high rate of false positive alerts on cost anomalies, incorrectly identifying unexpected price surges. Now, using DoiT Anomaly Detection, it can correctly identify unintentional cost spikes. Bdeo no longer experiences erroneous alerts and is instead able to quickly identify surging costs. Anomaly Detection also gives Bdeo recommendations for how to reduce these anomalous costs, helping keep expenses under control.

Cutting the cost of on-demand instances with Flexsave

Much of Bdeo’s EC2 workloads are covered by AWS Reserved Instances, giving it discounts for long-term usage commitments. However, Bdeo needs to be able to turn a portion of its machines on and off at certain times, meaning it is unable to commit to Reserved Instances for all its workloads, where it uses on-demand pricing instead.

To help Bdeo optimize its costs for these on-demand workloads, DoiT recommended Flexsave, which automatically identifies and applies discounted rates to any of Bdeo’s EC2 workloads that are not already covered by commitments, giving Bdeo a 10% discount on all its on-demand costs.

Working together for cost-efficient architecture

Bdeo has also been working with DoiT Cloud Reliability Engineers (CREs) to identify more efficiencies that can be made across its cloud infrastructure. For example, with so much data dedicated to images and video, Bdeo wanted to find the most efficient way to tier its data storage without compromising on quality. It was a natural partnership given DoiT’s expert extensive knowledge thanks to their close relationship with AWS. DoiT CREs worked closely with the Bdeo team to come up with an intelligent tiering system to enable it to structure its storage pricing to give it quick access to the files it needed for the optimum price.

For Fernandez Reyes, it was a good example of the collaborative relationship between Bdeo and DoiT. “We have a really technical team, with strong tech skills, so when we face something that we don’t understand, or that is going to be very time consuming to work on, we need to have a very technical partner. DoiT has highly knowledgeable engineers, they always respond within two to three hours, and we can go as deep as we want into any problem or any issue.”

Optimizing infrastructure with the Well-Architected Framework review

As Bdeo gained a clearer understanding of its costs and worked to reduce them, it also began the process of analyzing and optimizing its cloud architecture for reliability, performance, and security. Together with DoiT CREs, Bdeo worked through a Well-Architected Framework review of its AWS infrastructure to understand where it could be improved.

“We spent six to eight hours with DoiT, reviewing all the pillars and answering the questions,” Fernandez Reyes recalls. “We didn’t want to just pass the exam, or to have the certificate to show we have great architecture, we wanted to see where we could improve. It was really useful to work with DoiT on this, and we learned a lot about our infrastructure in each pillar.”

Following the review, Bdeo immediately implemented a number of security improvements to reduce its systems’ vulnerability. The review also helped Bdeo focus on the health and performance of individual workloads, such as the speed of its AI processing, to ensure it is able to continue to meet certain performance metrics as it scales up its infrastructure.

The result

25% reduction in operational costs

With the DoiT Platform, Bdeo now has insights into the cloud costs of every decision it makes, helping it to reduce its operational costs by 18% in the first three months and by a quarter overall.

“Since working with DoiT we have saved 25% of our operational costs, even as our business operations have grown,” says Fernandez Reyes. “The DoiT Console was a hidden treasure. Previously, costs weren’t a part of the decision-making process. Now, whenever we consider which path to take, we chart the costs of each one.”

Identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses

By enabling Bdeo to identify unwanted services it is needlessly paying for, DoiT’s products have helped the company cut unnecessary costs. Spotting and removing the unnecessary encryption service, for example, saved Bdeo $500 a month in charges.

14% reduction in overall cloud spend with Flexsave

By using Flexsave to automatically apply available discounts on its on-demand EC2 workloads, Bdeo has saved 10% of its on-demand costs, amounting to a saving of 14% of its overall cloud spend.

What's next?

As Bdeo continues to work with DoiT on cost optimizations, labeling its workloads to reach 100% visibility of its workloads, it is also beginning to expand the partnership to focus on cloud-architecture projects. Bdeo is working on being able to deliver insights on its visual intelligence technology in real time, to offer the user instant advice on the quality of images and recommendations on how to improve them. To this end, Bdeo is consulting with DoiT CREs on the right architectural approach, including how to achieve the best developer experience and performance at scale while keeping costs under control.

“DoiT provides us with permanent high level technical support with our cloud infrastructure and, with the DoiT Console, has allowed us to visualize the costs of any path we take in a simple and intuitive way,” Fernandez Reyes explains. “We are planning to work together more closely on our transformation projects and technology objectives from now on, as the opinions of DoiT CREs will be of real benefit for us as we continue to grow.”

Antonio David Fernandez Reyes, CTO
“Since working with DoiT we have saved 25% of our operational costs, even as our business operations have grown. The DoiT Console was a hidden treasure. Previously, costs weren’t a part of the decision-making process. Now, whenever we consider which path to take, we chart the costs of each one.”

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