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DoiT’s ISV Go-Global program positions Plainsight to empower cloud customers worldwide with its vision AI platform

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Meet Plainsight

The combined resources and expertise of both organizations enable enterprises to realize the immense untapped value of their visual data

Data can be a goldmine for organizations equipped to analyze it to gain valuable insights that drive competitive advantage. The emphasis has traditionally been on numerical data, but visual data in the form of images and video footage is a rich vein that has been largely untapped until now. Companies generate millions of images and hours of video that could be processed and interpreted for enhanced decision-making. But, with multiple tools and highly specialized skills required to analyze it effectively, most visual data is never used.

That’s where Plainsight comes in. 

Plainsight offers a simple, centralized approach to managing visual data and extracting value from it using an end-to-end, no-code vision AI platform. It offers a single intuitive interface that enables the computer vision pipeline, from data collection and labeling through deployment and insights. It can be deployed easily to public cloud, private cloud, the edge and mobile devices. Plainsight also operationalizes the solution, helping enterprises successfully integrate the model into their businesses.

The challenge

Architecting Plainsight vision AI in the cloud enabled the company to accelerate progress and maximize innovation, efficiency and growth. Having worked with Google Cloud since joining its Startup Program, availing of the technology and services needed to scale, Plainsight could leverage products from Google’s ecosystem instead of developing in-house solutions. The team also learned best practices for delivering faster on objectives to help it scale. 

The natural evolution for Plainsight’s relationship with Google was to join the ISV Go-Global program. Designed for digital-native SaaS companies intent on prioritizing revenue growth over cloud cost savings, the ISV program provides the guidance and resources participants need for Marketplace integration and growth acceleration.

The solution

Plainsight joined DoiT’s ISV Go-Global program to help boost the momentum and pipeline build they had already established with Google. It was an ideal candidate for DoiT’s program, which is tailored to equip each company with what it needs to maximize growth potential. 

The first plank of the DoiT ISV program focuses on Marketplace integration. Integrating to the Marketplace sales channel is not easy, and there is no clear path for candidates hoping to leverage it. DoiT offers expert direction for startups to negotiate the process, assessing their readiness and advising on integration strategies to enable the Marketplace sales channel. With DoiT’s help, Plainsight has transitioned from helping its own customers by leveraging Google Cloud to helping Google Cloud customers themselves. 

The other key element of DoiT’s ISV Go-Global program is providing go-to-market (GTM) resources for growth acceleration. DoiT offers a flexible alternative to the generally static funds offered to growth-focused companies as part of other ISV programs, which are not designed to meet the constantly changing needs of an evolving company. DoiT prefers to let ISV partners decide what resources they need for specific stages of their growth.

In Plainsight’s case, that meant initially introducing them to lead generation agencies and funding the services of their preferred candidate. This approach to program benefits facilitates the agility the company needs to build pipeline. 

The result

With help from DoiT’s ISV Go-Global program, Plainsight is primed for expansion with a lead generation campaign underway and resources they can tailor to meet their evolving needs. 

As Plainsight CEO Carlos Anchia explains: “DoiT’s ISV Go-Global program positions Plainsight for rapid cloud customer acquisition worldwide for our vision AI platform. After integrating through the Marketplace with DoiT, their GTM resources have been like rocket fuel to accelerate our growth.” 

The results are already promising. Just weeks after Plainsight launched its lead generation campaign, initial results including open rates and click-through rates pointed to early success. And with DoiT’s help, the company has found an agency that understands their audience and can orchestrate email campaigns targeted at quality audiences running into tens of thousands of possible leads. 

Of course, lead generation goes far beyond email campaigns. The flexibility of the GTM funds DoiT provides means Plainsight can look at other areas, such as paid advertising, social channel advertising and retargeting, if it considers these to be useful activities for their specific business goals. The company is now looking at video promotion and will be working with DoiT on a webinar and other promotional assets. 

What's next?

With help from Google and DoiT, Plainsight is ideally positioned to execute on its vision, enabling cloud customers everywhere to unleash the power of their visual data. 

Plainsight AI CEO Carlos Anchia
“DoiT and Plainsight share a commitment to AI innovation, both within our own solutions and on behalf of our customers. DoiT’s Go-Global program for ISVs positions Plainsight to deliver the full power and value of computer vision insights with its end-to-end vision AI platform for cloud customers worldwide. The combined resources and expertise of our organizations will empower enterprises to realize the immense untapped value of their visual data for developing applications to make day-to-day operations easier and address industry-wide concerns.”

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