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Leanspace: Modernizing the space industry with a sustainable AWS Cloud environment

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Meet Leanspace

A pioneering French independent software vendor (ISV) that stands at the forefront of the space industry, Leanspace specializes in cloud-native satellite Command and Control, Mission Planning, and Flight Dynamics systems. Leanspace empowers organizations to build entire space software infrastructures tailored to their individual needs.

At the heart of its business lies its flagship product, a highly adaptable digital platform that enables rapid development of custom applications development of custom applications that can be tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Understanding that one size does not fit all, Leanspace takes a modular approach, providing a robust infrastructure that covers approximately 80% of the solution. This framework allows clients to customize the remaining 20%, without building it entirely from scratch. Developing a unique market fit, Leanspace has proven a strong demand for its services with a rapidly growing number of clients.

The Challenge

Leanspace faced the pressing need to optimize costs to maximize returns on its cloud infrastructure investments. Balancing cost-reduction initiatives and maintaining quality digital services was vital for sustainable growth and profitability.

Another challenge Leanspace encountered was the need to detect and fix inefficiencies to avoid unplanned costs. Its cloud environments were rapidly evolving, leading to unforeseen expenses. Leanspace realized that robust systems were needed to monitor and analyze cloud usage patterns, enabling proactive identification of inefficiencies and swift corrective actions.

Leanspace wanted clarity when translating its cloud bill into actionable insights to foster cost accountability among stakeholders. Despite receiving detailed billing statements, accurately allocating expenses and identifying cost drivers remained challenging. The team recognized the need for transparent reporting mechanisms, cost visibility, accountability, and optimized resource utilization.

Staying updated with industry best practices was crucial to driving innovation and competitiveness through cloud capabilities. Leanspace’s Technical Team decided to seek accessible expertise to empower the team and implement optimized solutions for continuous platform enhancement.

The Solution

Recognizing collaboration potential, Leanspace connected with DoiT to discuss how they could support with its IT challenges and business goals. For cloud-driven organizations like Leanspace, where leveraging the cloud is pivotal for business growth, DoiT emerged as the perfect collaborator, offering solutions to streamline critical cloud challenges and optimize utilization for accelerated returns.

Leanspace opted to utilize DoiT Cloud Navigator, a FinOps technology solution enabling tangible cost savings through advanced cloud governance, anomaly detection for predictable cloud spend, and cloud analytics for bill transparency and reporting. This, alongside DoiT Cloud Solve for accessible AWS expertise, provided Leanspace with all the tools to tackle its infrastructure goals and business objectives.

Putting our trust into DoiT was scary. However, with an established business model, a healthy partnership with AWS and proof of success, they were a clear choice for us” – Gert Villemos, CTO at Leanspace.

Cost optimization for investment with advanced cloud governance
Following a technical kick-off call, DoiT collaborated closely with Leanspace to help deliver cloud cost optimization and tangible financial savings. DoiT’s senior cloud architects thoroughly reviewed Leanspace’s existing infrastructure and proposed the introduction of advanced cloud governance and Flexsave.

With advanced cloud governance, Leanspace could quickly and simply automate the intricacies of cloud cost management and comprehensive analysis of its cloud usage and expenditure. This was paramount to Leanspace’s investment ambitions and, amid heightened scrutiny from potential investors, enabled it to easily demonstrate optimized AWS spend and automatically detect cost inefficiencies across the business. Additionally, cloud cost savings has empowered Leanspace to reinvest in growth and pursue high profit margins as it transitions from a startup to a mature business.

Anomaly Detection for optimizing inefficiencies
To help Leanspace automatically monitor its cloud consumption, catch unintended cloud usage, and future-proof its cloud infrastructure, DoiT introduced Anomaly Detection. Leveraging Anomaly Detection enabled Leanspace to swiftly and automatically identify and rectify inefficiencies in its cloud infrastructure, minimizing the impact of unplanned cost spikes and allowing it to maintain adherence to cloud cost budgets throughout its operations.

With Anomaly Detection, Leanspace was able to predict its cloud spending more accurately and showcase optimized resource utilization to potential investors, bolstering confidence in its digital platform. Additionally, with robust cost guardrails provided by DoiT’s Anomaly Detection, Leanspace gained the independence to automatically forecast spending, ensuring financial stability and informing its strategic planning.

Because of DoiT’s Anomaly Detection, we can quickly catch anything unusual or unnecessary, saving us time and keeping things running smoothly” – Gert Villemos, Leanspace’s CTO.

Cloud analytics for transparent reporting and data-driven decision-making
At its core, cloud analytics introduces FinOps principles and best practices – and for Leanspace, the benefits of these principles would reinforce its positioning to investors whilst also laying the IT foundations for scalability and growth.

DoiT’s cloud analytics empowered Leanspace to translate its cloud bill into actionable insights, fostering cost accountability among stakeholders and the internal team. With the ability to allocate costs strategically and collaborate effectively on cost management, Leanspace harnessed the power of data-driven decision-making to optimize its cloud investments and drive further growth.

From budgeting to reporting to optimization across Leanspace’s AWS infrastructure, Cloud Analytics proved to be a vital tool for keeping Leanspace’s cloud investments and wider business priorities aligned.

Simple and accessible expertise with Cloud Solve
As a scaling business, Leanspace’s ability to utilize DoiT’s expert AWS senior cloud architects has proved to be critical to delivering continuous improvements to its digital platform as it targets further investment.

DoiT’s AWS partnership has empowered us to discover products aligning with our designs and ideas while also generating advanced reports that reflect details of results, changes, and anomalies. This substantial assistance has propelled our business forward significantly by supporting us with data-driven decision-making.” – Pritesh Kanojiya, DevOps Engineer at Leanspace.

Additionally, with over 400 AWS certifications and DoiT’s close working relationship with AWS, DoiT is able to leverage the latest advancements in cloud technology and provide an unrivaled three-way collaboration with Leanspace – working in synergy to problem-solve and provide cutting-edge, tailored solutions.

The synergy between DoiT and AWS not only influenced our decision but represented our adaptability – amplifying their joint capacity to empower innovation” – Pritesh Kanojiya, DevOps Engineer at Leanspace.

The Result

Focusing on cost optimization for investment with advanced cloud governance, Leanspace embraced FinOps principles, which unlocked tangible benefits in cost optimization. Its commitment to financial optimization has yielded concrete results, including a notable 14% savings realized through Flexsave. This strategic approach not only demonstrates Leanspace’s proactive stance toward cost management to potential investors but also underscores the effectiveness of leveraging FinOps principles to maximize returns on cloud investments.

We felt that Doit was uniquely qualified to support us because of their close relationship with AWS and the size of their company. Housing a huge range of skills, we could utilize DoiT’s workshop services for both broad and specific queries to help advance our own knowledge and software programs.” – Gert Villemos, Leanspace’s CTO

What's next?

Leanspace’s journey toward cloud optimization in collaboration with DoiT has positioned the company for its next big leap. With DoiT’s FinOps solutions, Leanspace has built a robust infrastructure that can efficiently handle the anticipated growth in data volume and processing demands.

As Leanspace gears up for rapid expansion, DoiT has ensured that the company is equipped to tackle any challenges that come its way. From Marketplace integration to Kubernetes project implementation and a Terraform utilization assessment, DoiT plans to continue to facilitate solutions that will help Leanspace manage its growth with ease.

Gert Villemos, CTO at Leanspace
“Cost optimization isn’t just about saving money. It’s about fueling our ability to invest and grow. The more we save, the more money we have to put back into innovation and expansion. Additionally, cost optimization is key for our long-term viability. It demonstrates our ability to create efficient systems and meet the demands of our industry, ensuring our place as a strong and sustainable business in the future”

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