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Migrating to Success: How Optimove leveraged DoiT to accelerate growth with Google Cloud

BigQuery, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud storage, GKE
EMEA, Israel

Meet Optimove

Optimove is a pioneering relationship marketing hub that operates as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business. With focus on emotional intelligence, Optimove empowers brands to create intelligent online interactions with their customers. Through algorithmic optimization and a robust customer data platform, it translates customer data into actionable insights, enabling brands to understand customer affinities and deliver impactful marketing interactions. With their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, Optimove has earned a prominent position in the industry, serving over 500 brands worldwide.

The challenge

Optimove started with on-premises infrastructure in 2009 and gradually opened data centers in the US and Europe to serve customers in those areas. As the company grew and expanded the business, the team had to focus on managing a growing customer base and handling large volumes of data with on-premise infrastructure. The increasing demand for its relationship marketing services required a scalable and efficient solution to support hundreds of microservices and ensure optimal performance.

To overcome the limitations of its existing infrastructure, maintain security, and enhance operational efficiency, Optimove decided to migrate its infrastructure to the cloud. They sought a solution that could provide managed services to handle data efficiently, streamline operations, and improve overall service delivery while maintaining high security and compliance standards. Google Cloud was a great solution to their problem with a wide range of managed services. Because Optimove handles large volumes of data 24/7, the company wanted to work with a cloud service provider that also thinks of data as its core business.

After four years into the migration and completing a tremendous amount of work to gradually transition to cloud-based processes, Optimove focused on migrating the rest of their infrastructure to Google Cloud to bridge gaps within the company. The team experienced key challenges running duplicate environments from development to production, including infrastructure and operating system. Additionally, data being part of the core business, Optimove had to maintain a high level of security to maintain its ISO-certified status and work toward achieving SOC certification.

Optimove turned to DoiT to benefit from expert support to sustain the effort and accelerate the migration to handle such a shift in its IT infrastructure.

The solution

The team at Optimove was already well advanced in its migration to Google Cloud, but sought more in-depth expertise to support the work. With expertise in migration, infrastructure, security, and DevOps, the team at DoiT was a perfect fit. DoiT empowered Optimove’s success with expert guidance, leveraging Google Cloud’s scalable services, streamlined operations, and robust security, driving innovation and superior customer experiences.

DoiT provided expert guidance and consultation throughout the remainder of the migration process. They worked closely with Optimove to understand and review their requirements, identify challenges, and formulate an effective cloud strategy. As the collaboration between the teams furthered, DoiT’s team of cloud experts provided technical support to optimize the rest of the migration and ensure a seamless transition to Google Cloud. They assisted with setting up, configuring, and optimizing services, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Data security is paramount for Optimove, given the sensitive customer data they handle. DoiT leveraged Google Cloud’s robust security measures and certifications, such as ISO and SOC, to ensure strict compliance and data protection standards. “For us, the hardest part with compliance and security relates to our on-premise environments. This is where we need to invest a lot of time and effort in addressing concerns, reducing vulnerabilities and performing audits,” says Amir Gabay, VP of Technical Operations. “By running everything in one place on Google Cloud, we will make audits easier and have easy-to-use tools to keep our security standards up in less time.”

Google Cloud also offers a wide range of managed services that cater to various business needs. DoiT helped Optimove identify and implement the most suitable managed services to handle their data efficiently and effectively. This included services like Cloud AutoML, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Cloud Pub/Sub, and more. The Optimove and DoiT teams ensured that the infrastructure being developed was flexible and ready for scalability. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) was utilized to efficiently manage hundreds of microservices. DoiT assisted Optimove in migrating their microservices architecture to GKE and building a new event-streaming system, leading to significant improvements in scalability and performance, reducing execution times by 40 to 60%.

Optimove’s team was freed from the burden of infrastructure management by utilizing Google Cloud’s managed services, enabling them to focus on innovation and enhancing their solutions: this streamlined operations and increased efficiency.

The result

The migration to Google Cloud and the implementation of DoiT’s solutions yielded significant results for Optimove:

– Enhanced Performance: Optimove experienced a 40 to 60% improvement in execution times, leading to faster and more efficient service delivery.

– Scalability: Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) managed hundreds of microservices seamlessly, enabling Optimove to handle increased data flows and support more customers, enhancing scalability.

– Streamlined Operations: By leveraging Google Cloud’s managed services, Optimove’s team was freed from infrastructure concerns, allowing them to focus on innovation and solution improvement.

– Improved Security and Compliance: Google Cloud’s robust security measures and certifications supported Optimove’s compliance efforts, making audits more accessible and reducing vulnerabilities.

– Better Customer Experience: The new event-streaming system on Google Cloud allowed Optimove to onboard new customers quickly and provide a superior service experience, enhancing customer satisfaction.

– Global Reach: Google Cloud’s global presence enabled Optimove to serve over 500 brands worldwide, expanding its business and market reach.

Amir Gabay, VP of Technical Operations
“We are thrilled with DoiT International’s expertise to migrate Optimove to Google Cloud with ease and efficiency. Their expert guidance and seamless migration allowed us to scale our services effortlessly and focus on what we do best – delivering emotionally intelligent marketing interactions. With improved performance, streamlined operations, and enhanced security, our customers experience superior service that drives real results. Thanks to DoiT’s partnership, we continue to innovate and significantly impact the global marketing landscape.”

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