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DoiT helps MomentumX migrate to Amazon Web Services

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Meet MomentumX

MomentumX is a technology company that builds cutting-edge products for digital media companies. Its primary objective with DoiT was to successfully execute a complete migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

In addition, DoiT supported MomentumX in reviewing existing documentation and ensuring all key stakeholders were aligned across the migration plan.

The challenge

The initial consultancy involved DoiT working with various different sections of the business to understand how each of them needs to interact with the infrastructure and continue to deliver value to MomentumX. When considering the most appropriate architecture, some key considerations for DoiT included:

  • Highly secure systems with minimal exposure to the outside world
  • Reduced/removed Single Point Of Failure
  • High Availability infrastructure
  • Scalable infrastructure to cope with demand during busy periods
    • Ensure minimum underutilized systems 
    • Ensure utilization of scheduling with no operational impact on MomentumX.
  • Reduced costs of running the cloud infrastructure

MomentumX’s brand is internationally recognized in a hugely competitive market, so reputation management was a priority that all departments were keen to stress. 

DoiT needed to ensure:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Cost Optimization
  • Performance Efficiency

The solution

MomentumX now benefits from the latest advances in AWS for the continued development of their infrastructure, giving them freedom from the constraints of the previous incarnation.

Once DoiT had completed the initial review phase, it documented and implemented an action plan agreed with the customer. 

Through the course of multiple architecture review sessions, DoiT ensured alignment among all stakeholders on the recommended changes. These changes were designed to leverage modern cloud-based architecture running on AWS to optimum effect. Since onboarding to DoiT and completing the AWS migration, MomentumX has benefited from DoiT’s unique unlimited zero-cost support, consulting and training provision.

The result

Working with the customer on the current implementation and documentation, we were able to establish a number of areas where we could change the customer’s design and deployments to align with the following:

  • Run security workshops
  • Provide best practices for backups and recovery
  • Provide best practices for configuration management, patching and automation
  • Provide best practices for tagging and cost management
  • Assist with planning the account structure and IAM to provide an appropriate Landing Zone design
  • Provide best practices for advanced monitoring and logging
  • Provide ongoing support in the operational elements of the migration to Amazon Web services
  • Reduce monthly cloud running costs by 20% immediately after the migration and optimize it continuously 
  • Simplify MomentumX’s solution and benefit from accessing the wider job market to attract talent with AWS experience

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