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Unified automation platform Cloudify gets their own cloud automated and optimized

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Meet Cloudify

Cloud cost savings from DoiT Flexsave enable Cloudify to reinvest in growing product portfolio

Cloudify provides customers with cloud orchestration and end-to-end network automation, extending their network and application services from their core location and making them accessible across branches and multi-access edge devices. The product, which works across public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, can automate DevOps operations and support cloud migration efforts.

The challenge

Cloudify’s SaaS product and services are built on complex, engineering-heavy development. From continuously improving their solutions to keeping up with the constantly changing public cloud architectures and replicating client issues in their own cloud environments, Cloudify depends on significant compute resources. This young, early stage innovator must guard their limited resources carefully, making sure not to waste money on over- or under-provisioning their public cloud compute and leveraging any available cost reduction opportunities.

Commitment-based discounts offer the richest savings available, but they require accurate forecasting over 1- and 3-year terms – practically eons for a small, growing start-up. Cloudify’s varied usage and need for flexibility across regions and machine types make it very difficult to do the forecasting necessary to take advantage of those commitments.

Cloudify was left to rely on manual management of compute discounts and all the forecasting that these required. This meant they didn’t always get maximum value from those efforts — usually because the commitments were tied to specific machine types that were deprecated or because the need for certain workloads was too unpredictable to commit to a set amount of money or usage. For a young, growing start-up company, this meant less money was available for reinvestment in the product, thus necessitating an automated solution that could optimize their compute costs without sacrificing their infrastructure flexibility.

The solution

After Flexsave was released, Cloudify jumped at the chance to take advantage of its ability to cover on-demand workloads in their AWS environment with rates equivalent to 1-year commitment discounts.

The company now realizes 20-30% savings each month on their EC2 spend. Additionally, they no longer have to spend several hours each week reconfiguring and rightsizing their compute workloads, or monitoring their commitments to ensure that they don’t exceed the amount covered by discounts.

Cloudify’s team structure is especially suited to this kind of flexibility of compute resources. At Cloudify, each developer and customer success manager has the autonomy to spin up new instances as needed, because they are able to operate quickly and independently without needing to worry about the expense of on-demand workloads.

The result

  • 23% monthly savings on Cloudify’s AWS EC2 costs
  • Dozens of hours saved each month by automating a previously manual commitment management process
  • Flexibility to change workload configurations or spin up new instances without worrying about on-demand prices

What's next?

As Cloudify grows their product portfolio and therefore their underlying cloud needs, Flexsave will continue to help keep their cloud costs optimized and automated.

Yuval Rapaport, DevOps Engineer, Cloudify
“Flexsave really does the magic that we need by analyzing and covering our on-demand workloads. That helps us a lot because we can get those savings without all the manual effort we were doing before. We get a great cost reduction without any time consumption.”

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