Case Study

Anagog’s EC2 spend falls 22% at the touch of a button with DoiT’s Flexsave


Anagog leverages the savings of AWS EC2 Savings Plans without taking financial risk or committing DevOps resources

One of the most effective ways for companies to enhance customer relationships is to engage their mobile users with a personalized experience.

Take the extremely competitive retail environment, for example. Personalized customer engagement reduces churn and strengthens long-term customer loyalty. But potential use cases don’t stop with retail — digital banking, insurance, and other industries also leverage personalized customer engagement to improve marketing performance.

However, as Apple and Android introduce more privacy curbs, and consumers become more sensitive about the data they share, serving personalized experience has become trickier.

That’s where Anagog and its Edge-AI-powered, on-device, mobile engagement platform step in, enabling privacy and personalization to coexist and empowering companies to strengthen their relationship with their users and maximize the potential of their mobile apps.

The brief

Mobile app developers may be the ones leveraging Anagog’s mobile engagement SDK, but it is their end-users who will actually be generating the load on the platform. A single app with millions of users that implements Anagog’s SDK for the first time can require an immediate increase in the server’s workload capacity that is nearly impossible to predict. 

Also, Anagog is constantly improving its product, so the R&D team  finds it hard to predict  the required compute specifications more than one year ahead.

Finally, facing a trade-off between product focus and operational efficiency, Anagog opted to have its DevOps personnel work on product rather than forecasting and managing compute commitments.

As a result, the company was not prepared to purchase Reserved Instances or Savings Plans altogether, missing out on potential savings.

What we did

Anagog turned to DoiT Flexsave to reap the savings benefits of Savings Plans while keeping its own resources focused on its core product. With Flexsave automatically applying discounts, Anagog doesn’t have to make any purchases themselves. Moreover, Flexsave eliminated the need to manage those Savings Plans, so as Anagog adds more customers or changes its compute requirements, Flexsave reacts accordingly and ensures discounts on those new workloads.

Elad Ben-Tzedeff, Anagog’s VP of R&D, wanted to ensure that any technology adopted for automating RI/Savings Plan management won’t increase his team’s workload:

“Turning Flexsave on was effortless. All we had to do was click a button. There was nothing for us to configure. We didn’t need to adjust our environment at all.”

With Flexsave, Anagog can continue to devote its full attention to its on-device personalized customer engagement platform while reducing on-demand costs by 33% and enjoying over 20% savings on its overall EC2 spend.

The result

  • Reduced overall EC2 costs by over 20%
  • Can devote 100% of their time towards their product, while maximizing savings
  • Lowered on-demand EC2 spend by over 33%
Elad Ben-Tzedeff, VP of R&D, Anagog
“As a scaling startup, predicting our compute requirements even one year out is extremely difficult, which made adopting RIs or Savings Plans unfeasible. Flexsave gives us the savings benefits of Savings Plans without requiring anything of my limited DevOps resources. As a result, we can devote our full attention toward building the best product for our customers.”

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