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Elevating Operational Control: How DoiT and Google Empowered Optessa for Industry Compliance Success

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Meet Optessa

Optessa, a division of Eyelit Technologies, is a global leader in Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software, revolutionizing manufacturing coordination. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, with additional offices in the US and India, Optessa’s comprehensive solutions, backed by patented algorithms, guarantee mathematically precise results. Manufacturing’s complex web demands coordination and Optessa’s APS platform provides an unparalleled foundation. The platform adapts to diverse challenges without extra coding, offering planning, sequencing, and scheduling solutions that outperform competitors. With seamless integration into existing systems, Optessa ensures optimal efficiency. Its web-based platform, agile implementation, and global success attest to Optessa’s commitment to delivering unmatched customer satisfaction since its founding in 2001.

The challenge

Optessa faced a significant challenge in preparing for SOC2 compliance, necessitating greater control over its Google Cloud production environment. Then managed by a third party, this setup posed obstacles to meeting compliance standards. Overcoming those obstacles required the migration of critical products and resources, such as VMs and Load Balancing, back under Optessa’s organizational control. This shift not only ensured more direct oversight, but also aligned with the stringent security and operational requirements of SOC2.

Understanding the complexity of this migration and the need for seamless execution, Optessa turned to DoiT. DoiT’s cloud optimization and migration expertise was paramount to start working on the project to re-establishg control over Optessa’s production environment.

The solution

In addressing Optessa’s challenges, DoiT and the Google Cloud teams embarked on a thorough journey to ensure a robust solution. The process began with collaborative discovery sessions, bringing all stakeholders together to comprehensively assess needs and potential risks. DoiT’s in-depth analysis of environments involved meticulous inventory checks and rigorous verification of marketplace products, including identifying and rectifying any undocumented policies.

Following the initial discovery phase, DoiT presented a detailed migration plan, outlining precise steps for both parties. The team directed the third party involved, addressing concerns related to IAM permissions and providing troubleshooting support.

Throughout the migration, DoiT maintained active coordination with Optessa, offering clear directives for initial preparation and guiding the process through video conferences. In an added layer of assurance, DoiT played a crucial role in Quality Assurance (QA), ensuring that the migration met Optessa’s immediate requirements and complied with the stringent standards of SOC2.

The emphasis on SOC2 compliance underscored DoiT’s commitment to enhancing Optessa’s security posture. The culmination of this collaborative effort was marked by a comprehensive final sign-off, reflecting DoiT’s dedication to delivering a solution that not only resolved immediate challenges but also positioned Optessa for sustained operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

The result

Optessa has achieved a transformative outcome with its production environment and resources now securely residing under its organizational control. This shift ensures enhanced oversight and positions Optessa for future challenges, notably streamlining preparations for the impending SOC2 audit process. The successful collaboration with DoiT has yielded a resilient and compliant infrastructure, aligning seamlessly with Optessa’s commitment to operational excellence and robust security measures.

What's next title

With control reinstated, Optessa stands well-prepared to navigate the complexities of future audits, demonstrating a proactive approach to compliance and ensuring the longevity of its optimized and secure operational environment.

Amit Lonkar, Director of Technical Services at Optessa
“As Optessa continues its growth and commitment to our customers, striving to be best at solving APS problems for manufacturers across every industry, an important next step in our journey is to earn industry-recognized compliance certification and strengthen our security posture. We felt all cloud services needed to reside within our organizational boundaries to satisfy our security controls, so we sought assistance from DoiT and Google Cloud to ensure a smooth transition. The DoiT team provided expert guidance and supported our third-party providers in the Infrastructure Migration Project. With their assistance, we are further on our way toward earning more industry-recognized certifications to serve a broader range of customers.”

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