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F45 Training reduces admin time by streamlining software deployment process with DoiT’s DevOps expertise

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North America, USA

Meet F45

DoiT helps F45 Training streamline their AWS infrastructure with containerization, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and deployment via an efficient CI/CD pipeline.

Founded in Australia in 2012, F45 Training is a global fitness franchise that offers functional group training. The company constitute 2,500 fitness studios in over 50 countries and aims to provide effective and efficient workouts tailored to any fitness level. Certified trainers lead F45 trainings, and provide guidance and motivation. Their program emphasizes a sense of community and support among members. With their unique fitness approach and global reach, F45 have become a popular choice for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

F45’s Technology and Product team works to enable the world-class, highly-available and globally-scalable technology solutions that motivate and engage their members and support and grow their franchisees across all business lines. As a relatively small team operating with a global footprint, streamlining the provisioning and maintenance of these assets is a key lever to develop and deploy new services for F45.

The challenge

To ensure that all aspects of the software go through rigorous and efficient testing before each release, the team at F45 Training needed help with their software deployment process. Through their regular cadence with DoiT, F45 discussed their need for CI/CD pipelines and Infrastructure as Code templates ) for fully automating the provisioning of a single-tenant environment. The streamlining process challenge fell right into DoiT’s range of expertise.

The solution

DoiT’s Client Services engagement with F45 Training began with a Well-Architected Review of the customer’s existing architecture and documentation of their AWS-hosted applications. DoiT’s Cloud Architects and Engineers investigated, documented and analyzed how the applications were deployed and maintained. With this review, DoiT identified two key challenges underlying F45’s struggle to streamline their software development process: ongoing maintenance and deployment reliability.

First, DoiT tackled ongoing maintenance challenges faced by F45 Training by implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with appropriately refactored modules. The DoiT DevOps team recommended containerizing the applications and deploying them on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) to ensure a uniform infrastructure approach that could be applied to all applications with consistency. F45 was then able to easily apply the approach to four additional applications within their stack.

To address F45’s challenge in releasing more reliable deployments, DoiT proposed integrating AWS CodePipeline for these applications in order to automate the build, test, and deploy release cycle. By using this approach, F45 Training would benefit from faster and more reliable deployments, with a reduced risk of human error.

Finally, to implement these changes with minimal disruption, DoiT’s Cloud Engineers and Architects delivered Terraform modules and helped F45 Training adapt them to their specific use case. DoiT provided support during these modules’ customization, integration, and testing, ensuring a better transition to the new architecture.

The result

Overall, DoiT’s engagement with F45 Training resulted in a more reliable, scalable, and efficient architecture, enabling F45 to focus on their core business objectives.

After adopting the solution, F45 Training was able to utilise an Infrastructure as Code template library to have a consistent computing platform and deployment model for their applications, increasing their operational efficiency. Following a three-week engagement, F45 was able to adopt, test and deploy templates for four applications within their stack. Infrastructure operations for these applications are now also done via code changes and standardized git-based workflows.

Through their work with DoiT, F45 Training managed to reduce the time taken to perform these administrative tasks by approximately 62% and was able to apply uniform standards and best practices throughout the company.

Juey C. Ong – Director, Cloud Infrastructure
“We have been working with DoiT as our AWS Reseller for over a year and found their DoiT Console dashboards and savings programs invaluable, not to mention the excellent technical support engineers and resources provided by DoiT. When we needed more DevOps support, DoiT brought expert guidance and advice and delivered a set of reusable modules that we could flexibly deploy in our infrastructure. With DoiT, we can plan and execute projects and initiatives that would be challenging to do on our own.”

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