Why I left a big corporation to work for DoiT

Bigger isn’t always better when you want to build an exciting career in cloud sales

You are working in cloud sales for one of the biggest tech companies in the world, a starry giant with instant name recognition. Your career is taking off, and your compensation reflects that. Why would you want to move?

Working at a major corporation has some obvious advantages. Big companies tend to have clearly defined career development paths and offer attractive benefits. They serve as a solid launching pad for your career in cloud sales and open doors for networking purposes. Their size and reputation mean that they attract top talent and can have a major influence on the industry.

When supported by such a pillar of industry, you can settle into your role and enjoy the comfort of consistency. You know where your career trajectory is heading and how to stick to it to reap the rewards. But not everybody wants that.

Flexibility and freedom

For all the stability and predictability that comes with a job at a leading tech company, it can be frustrating for somebody who likes to feel they make a difference. Working at a smaller company can inject a sense of freedom and independence that’s hard to find at a big corporation. For Linda Lehto, a former Account Executive in Game Tech for the Nordics region at Amazon Web Services (AWS) who now works at DoiT as Cloud Business Manager for AWS Nordics & DACH, the chance to build something from scratch and have a clear impact and visibility was too good to pass up.

DoiT offered the opportunity to take ownership of the entire Northern EMEA AWS business and build it out strategically. That sort of freedom to take control is rare for somebody working in a big corporation, where roles and responsibilities are clearly delineated – and often restrictive. “I get to be more entrepreneurial about the opportunities that I pursue and work with cool founders and companies across all industries,” Linda says.

Based in Madrid, Linda is originally from Finland and has lived and worked in ten countries, including some in Latin America. As a remote-first company, DoiT offers the kind of flexibility she needs. “I value being able to work from anywhere in the world and adjust my working life to my personal goals and lifestyle. At DoiT I get the ownership to shape my role and manage my time.” She is currently helping Nordic and DACH startups achieve success in the cloud at DoiT.

Empowerment and opportunity

The kind of freedom you get working at a smaller, nimbler company allows you to identify opportunities and pursue them more readily than you would at a large corporation. Managers tend to be more hands-on in the sales process, enabling their teams to easily access the technical expertise, pre-sales experience and legal and finance support they need to secure deals with advanced cloud customers quickly. You are empowered to work autonomously to a large extent, with active encouragement to apply your own ideas and remain accountable for the results.

That is how DoiT operates. Emil Bjodstrup formerly worked with AWS, most recently as a Game Tech Account Manager in the UK. Now he is AWS Business Manager for SMB, UK, at DoiT. He has discovered vast opportunities to showcase ownership and bias for action in his role at DoiT. These opportunities are helping to shape his journey to where he wants to be, and they ensure that he experiences true job satisfaction as he delights customers. “DoiT allows me to truly focus on what is best for the customer, and you never feel like you have to sell them anything. You're providing excellent services to the customer without asking them to pay for it — the best sales job in the world!”

Emil’s experience chimes with that of Ashley Williams, former UK ISV Account Manager at AWS and now ISV Cloud Business Lead at DoiT. As somebody who is naturally customer-obsessed, he prefers to work backward from the customer and build what is needed to meet their goals. “DoiT provides the perfect environment for someone like me,” he says. “Customers are at the heart of what we do, and our team consists of great people from all backgrounds working towards the same goals.”

The fluidity and dynamism required to pursue this approach to sales will not suit everyone. You need to have the kind of personality that thrives in challenging, fast-paced environments. You will be expected to take initiative rather than simply follow directions, but this is precisely why many of our best people come to us. “Not everything has been built, which creates challenges, but it also creates opportunities and can appeal to anyone who is looking for a role in a fast-growing company that needs bright minds to own the customer experience and help keep the rocket ship going,” Ashley explains. “My first 12 months at DoiT have been the best 12 months of my career.”

For sales roles, a key factor when identifying and pursuing new opportunities is brand recognition, so account managers at big companies thinking of moving to a company like DoiT will need to forgo the luxury of achieving quota with little work. Working in a sales role at DoiT marks you out as a true hunter, building your book of business from scratch. But even this is appealing for the right person because it means you are always thinking of creative ways to best achieve your target.

Seizing the initiative to pursue opportunities should not mean you are left to fend for yourself. You should be given the opportunities and resources you need to grow and achieve mastery. DoiT provides extensive training and support to help team members reach their goals. We also provide an allowance for furthering relevant studies. For example, Emil is pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration that provides him with skills he uses in his day-to-day job. This kind of support, along with funding for home office equipment for our new joiners, ensures teams have the tools and expertise they need to reach their full potential.

Career paths for our salespeople are open and varied, with some taking the opportunity to become account managers, nurturing relationships with existing customers, identifying valuable ways to engage further with them and providing a trusted point of contact.

Open and progressive culture

The nature of large corporations makes it difficult to avoid feeling like a small cog in a big wheel. Employees often operate in silos, where they do the same work and are exposed to predictable experiences day after day. This suits temperaments that prioritize routine and security, but others may feel stifled.

The shorter chains of command at smaller companies often not only make operations more efficient and effective, but also create a spirit of openness and inclusivity. Employees feel heard, and teams are invited to work together to create strategies. “Even new employees can find themselves collaborating with company leaders almost as soon as they start work. With extensive deal coaching and close work with global leadership, you could be engaging in deals with the most advanced cloud customers at a very early stage of your employment,” says Lewin Keller, DoiT Country Manager EMEA North.

Despite being a fully remote company, DoiT manages to retain a culture of openness and belonging among its far-flung team members. “DoiT enables me to feel close to my global teammates through annual company kickoffs, quarterly quizzes and monthly all-hands,” Emil explains. “In London, where I'm based, we meet bi-weekly in central London and network across different functions.” That closeness extends to the employee stock option plan. “With DoiT's equity program, I feel part of the business,” Emil continues. “Everyone is working hard towards our combined success, and that excites many of us even more.”

Ability to build on existing relationships

If you are considering leaving your role at a major corporation to work with DoiT, you won’t be severing your ties with your former colleagues and contacts. As Linda Lehto puts it, “I get to have my cake while eating it too: I work with many of my old teams and colleagues at AWS while also building new relationships across the tech and startup ecosystem in EMEA. I went from niche to working broadly with all types of digital-native customers.”

This ability to leverage your existing network is not just a way of adding value for your customers, it also adds to the enjoyment of work. “It’s very dynamic and fun,” says Linda. “I really enjoy meeting customers and the AWS teams in person at leading conferences such as Gamescom in Cologne or Tech BBQ in Copenhagen, as well as at Bits & Pretzels, Web Summit or Slush. I also look forward to seeing the global AWS team at re:Invent in Las Vegas!”

Being able to add value for all the stakeholders involved while learning and having fun sounds like the dream job – and for Do’ers like Ashley, it is. “My role at DoiT has allowed me to help build a go-to-market strategy that aligns with the objectives of ISVs, AWS and DoiT. It's been a great learning experience and really fun!”

Ultimately, the decision to move from an established, marquee cloud provider hinges on your individual circumstances and personality, but if you think it’s time to apply your skills and experience to a sales role that will empower you to achieve your true potential, check out our available opportunities.

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