Diversity at DoiT: many individuals, one team


Our differences help spark the conversations that challenge and enlighten our perspectives 

Being a remote-first company has allowed us to focus on hiring incredible team members across the globe, with two essential things in mind as we make each hiring decision:  

  1. Will they thrive in their role and adapt along the way to grow with us? 
  2. Will they be a great addition to our culture? 

The first question is straightforward. We have world-class talent acquisition specialists and finely tuned interviewers on every team, and we take the time to understand the strengths and interests of each of our candidates. Each interviewer is trained to recognize and mitigate potential bias in our hiring process as we focus on evaluating required skills and competencies for each role and seek out the best possible combination of mutual fit. Simply put, we want to ensure everyone who joins DoiT will thrive in their role and experience as part of this unbelievable journey we’re on together.  

The second question is a more complicated one, but it’s just as important.  The diversity of our team has been a joy to foster as we’ve scaled, and as a globally distributed company with team members spread across 17 countries, our differences are almost never-ending. The variety of ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, orientations and interests across our Do’ers is a huge source of pride for us, and one we’ll continue to invest in and celebrate as we scale.

Our differences help spark the conversations that challenge and enlighten our perspectives every day, with our core values serving as the glue that binds us all together.  What’s more, these human experiences and shared stories help bond us as we try to genuinely understand and support our team members around the world. 

Our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging philosophy

At DoiT, we believe what sets us apart is our Do’ers. We are an organization where everyone is welcome and where everyone is respected for the unique perspective and experience they bring as individuals to enhance our team. We are committed to providing an experience that is inclusive, equitable and kind. We may be spread across the globe as a remote-first company, but we are one team and always will be.  

Take a moment to read more about how this translates into the experiences of some of our team members from across the world:

Sye Porter-Bishop, Global Payroll Operations Manager 

DoiT has been all-inclusive and welcoming right from the start of my interview process, through my onboarding, and now in my day-to-day role, I have always felt I can by my authentic self, from being an openly gay man to being covered in tattoos from head to toe (almost), DoiT has embraced me for being me.

The fantastic culture at DoiT has made remote working easy – all of the various catch-ups and the All Hands provide constant updates and inclusivity! 

Annabelle Pendlebury, AWS Ops Engineer:

Since joining DoiT, from day one I have been given a lot of support professionally and personally. The environment is a super supportive one, and I can truly be myself.

I had the opportunity to meet my team members and members of the wider team in Germany during my second week at DoiT. I felt very much at home.

People are genuinely lovely, the culture is open and welcoming. I enjoy working remotely because it helps me to do my best work in a space that feels comfortable to me.

This is a winning company because they are not afraid to let you grow and be your best self.

Anel Behric, G Suite Solutions Engineer:  

One of the most valuable parts of this experience is being able to be myself at work. We're all different in a way and offer different values. Allowing me to showcase myself without restrictions is absolutely amazing!

Being able to work from virtually anywhere in the world puts a smile on my face every time I think about it.  When I can sit next to my beehives, enjoy a cup of coffee and get my day started, it is irreplaceable, in my opinion, and the best way to get my work started. I also enjoy meeting fellow team members several times a year. 

DoiT truly brings the diversity of our global team to life. I get to meet and learn from others from all walks of life. We all do things differently and seeing people all over the world inspires me to try their way of work and life. You would be surprised how much we can learn from each other. In the end, we're really not that different.

So, this is how we DoiT! 

We listen to each other, we challenge each other, we go out of our way to help our team members, we raise the bar - and we have a lot of fun doing what we love as we build this insanely successful company. If you’re looking for that magical mutual fit in your next role, check out more about life at DoiT and our open positions across the globe on our careers page.  

If you want to hear more stories about life at DoiT, check out our reviews and 4.9 rating on Glassdoor.

See you soon! 

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