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How Teleall gained operational effiencies by switching to Google Workspace

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Teleall is a company which provides full solutions for the operation of telephone, chat & email contact centers, and outsourcing & insourcing to leading institutes in Israel. The company is a one-stop-shop of advanced solutions for direct marketing, supported by excellent human resources and advanced technology and computer platforms.

They reached a point in which they had to decide on either upgrading the email system to a system with a local server, or examine cloud-based solutions.

The brief

Together with DoiT International, a plan was formulated for the orderly implementation of the Google Workspace. The 8-step plan began in the smaller divisions and worked itself up to the CEO’s office, which centralizes the operations and the schedules. At this final and complicated stage of implementing the email and schedule systems, DoiT provided close support to guide and accompany the office managers throughout the transition. Teleall completed the transition to the new work environment on Gmail, and eventually began using Google Drive. The use of the Gmail system was crowned by the company as a major success.

What we did

The result

“Gmail has many ‘disadvantages’ that derive from our fixation with the work methods we were previously familiar with, and not from any real disadvantages in the system”, says Sagi Yosef with a smile. “When you look at the big picture, Google Workspace creates more efficient work procedures. The email system is very strong for those who work intensively with email. The order of the data information in the mailbox is extraordinary, easier and much more efficient”.

The company began implementing Google Docs, and the plan is to complete the implementation in six months. The departments which have begun the implementation of these tools have already identified the advantages, among them accessibility and sharing options. For a company with so many employees working in shifts, there is a clear advantage for accessibility from any location, for example for shift managers making rounds between the stations.

“Many users can work on the same documents at the same time and that is an additional advantage”, says Sagi Yosef. “The DoIT team brought us an expert plan, including all aspects, and detailed every part of the process even before it began: training, support, and, of course, the technical implementation.” says Sagi Yosef, IT Sys Admin, Teleall.

This sharing option makes the shift manager and Contact Center manager’s work much more efficient, who are responsible for the shift schedules. Through Google Docs anyone can work on a file without interfering and can share information. Another advantage deriving from this sharing option is that the users themselves control the sharing of their documents, an option that does not exist in the competitors’ solutions”.

“A significant improvement was recorded in the company’s operational core. Even though the company’s administrative team was slightly concerned with changing work methods, and the necessity of managing double schedules during the implementation period, at the end of the project we received very positive feedback from the team. Previous difficulties in managing the schedules disappeared, and work efficiency improved”, indicates Sagi Yosef. “When we decided to transfer to Google Apps we were warned by a colleague that transferring the schedules would be difficult. But it turned out to be the strongest tool which is translated into more efficient work. There are users that tell us that this transition changed their lives and the new system is far better than the competitors”.

“Teleall is a decentralized organization located in 7 points throughout Israel with 1,700 employees, which has been using the same system for 15 years”, summarizes Yosef. “The decision to transfer to cloud with a system that is unfamiliar to the users was not a simple one. We knew we would encounter difficulties, but at the end of the process we received new, better and much more advanced tools. DoiT International accompanied us throughout this transition process in the best possible manner. The IT management aspect also has great advantages for the organization. There are no systems to maintain because it is all on Cloud, there are no email system failures and no problems with storage sizes”. 

Sagi Yosef, IT Sys Admin
“DoiT International is very experienced in its field. It is a company that knows how to implement the solution, and not just transfer email mailboxes. DoiT International’s team brought us an expert plan, including all aspects, and detailed every part of the process even before it began: training, support, and, of course, the technical implementation. They understand the psychological aspect of organizations. They explained how to change processes in an organization in order to adapt it to the new work environment”.

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