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Empowering grocers: Aktios works with DoiT to build scalable, uninterrupted e-commerce solutions on Google Cloud

Retail and Consumer Goods
BigQuery, Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine

Meet Aktios

Aktios is a tech company that specializes in the commercial distribution of grocery products. With the global online grocery market expected to exceed $2 trillion in 2030, Aktios’ leadership saw a need to specialize in the development, maintenance, and operation of e-commerce solutions for grocers. Aktios has a deep understanding of grocers’ need for a flexible, scalable infrastructure that can flex with customer demand and help them manage complex assortments, prices, and supply chains.

“This is a difficult marketplace, but clients want to buy our platform because they know we understand their business,” says Gonzalo Perez Gasca, General Manager, Aktios. “We’re not talking about luxury, electronics, or cosmetics. We’re talking about tomatoes, bread, and eggs. It’s important that our clients know we understand their problems and their marketplace.” Aktios’ client base, a mix of big and small grocers based mainly in Spain, is growing. And as it pursues an expansion into Eastern Europe and South America, DoiT is ready to help with the company’s ambitious growth plans.

The challenge

E-commerce is a 24/7 business. Aktios has to provide an exceptional level of service and support to its clients, day and night. But some challenges were costing Aktios time that could be better spent working with its clients. The company had a complex billing system with 11 different billing accounts. Aktios had to look up reports for each billing account, do the relevant sums, and track everything with its own tools. The company needed a better solution.

Aktios also had to offer scalability to its clients, who are often small grocery businesses. Initially, these companies don’t need a big or complex infrastructure to run their services, but as they start to grow in popularity, expand, and receive more orders, they quickly need the ability to scale up. The company wanted a team of cloud experts that could help solve these challenges, give it 24/7 support, all while remaining cost-effective. So it worked with DoiT.

The solution

Aktios and DoiT began working together in January 2023, starting with an architectural review of Google Cloud and linking DoiT with an account to access the 40 projects Aktios was running at the time. Since then, DoiT has helped evolve what Aktios’ advanced technical teams had initially built — helping with hardware and fine-tuning its existing architecture to enable scale.

Flexible, scalable infrastructure 

Aktios’ clients tend to start small and with low volume, so flexibility and scalability are important in supporting their growth as they get more experience, take more orders, and manage higher levels of activity on their websites. Aktios runs many containerized Compute Engine workloads, which rely heavily on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for orchestration. And because GKE automatically scales, even if there’s a sudden increase in demand from a customer, Aktios can also immediately scale to that need. DoiT reviewed Aktios’ architecture when they first began working together and has been solving their questions about GKE since. Aktios has also been using Google BigQuery to create reports and help analyze its KPIs. 

Cost savings with cloud tech

Aktios can now track its cloud costs more easily.  

“All of DoiT’s products and services support us with flexibility, scalability, and easy-to-use cost management. We can deliver expert solutions at good prices to our customers, because we’re also able to control our own expenses and be efficient,” says Perez Gasca. 

Running at speed for customer need

In e-commerce, speed is of the essence. Customers expect quick replies, and businesses need to be ready to problem-solve at a moment’s notice. DoiT offers Aktios a level of expert technical support that it hadn’t experienced before, which now gives the company the confidence to tackle any technical challenges it faces. The DoiT team has helped with hardware, tuning, and architecture changes. Recently, Aktios was setting up new OPNsense firewalls behind a load balancer and experienced some challenges, which DoiT helped the company navigate.

“The online channel is quite stressful, because everything needs to happen in one second. If you have a problem, you need to solve it in one second,” says Perez Gasca. “So it helps to have a partner who answers you and supports you quickly, so you can deliver to your customers.”

The result

Saving time and money

Simplifying the billing process with DoiT’s technology portfolio – including products like Cloud Analytics and BigQuery Lens –  makes reporting more accurate, but also saves time and money. “Ultimately, we sell hours,” says Perez Gasca. “If I spend two hours, I am asking for these two hours. If I spend just one hour, I’m 50% cheaper. It’s that simple.”

What's next?

Effortless driving

As Aktios continues its work with DoiT, the business can rest assured knowing that it has a stable infrastructure and rapid, expert-level support to help grocers in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and beyond. “When you drive a car, you don’t check the engine—you just drive,” says Perez Gasca. “The infrastructure supporting our services is the same. I don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, I can just focus on the solution. This is what DoiT does for us.”

Gonzalo Perez Gasca, General Manager, Aktios
“When you drive a car, you don’t check the engine—you just drive. The infrastructure supporting our services is the same. I don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, I can just focus on the solution. This is what DoiT does for us.”

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