Multicloud Cost Allocation Strategies

Cost allocation provides the foundation for everything you want to do in the cloud. By mapping cloud costs to specific teams and business drivers, you can then properly assess how resources are being utilized, drive ownership of costs among engineering teams, and plan for future projects that will grow your business.
This is especially challenging for multicloud environments, as the added layers and nuances between different cloud providers can create confusion and inconsistency within your cost allocation strategy.
In this ebook, we lay out the challenges of multicloud cost allocation and provide actionable tips for building an allocation strategy that will enable chargeback and showback across the organization, and create repeatable processes that form the foundation of your greater FinOps strategy.
Key takeaways include:
  • How to build a model that aligns with your business structure
  • Tips for deploying a comprehensive tagging strategy
  • What to do about shared costs across the organization

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