Introducing Yugabyte Cloud, Distributed SQL at Global Scale

It’s been exciting to witness many of the advancements the database market has brought about over the past 10 years. We’ve seen traditional relational databases, great for transactional applications, give way to a broad category of non-relational offerings that sought to address the scalability and resilience challenges inherent with their relational counterparts.

The problem with those? Non-relational databases lacked transactional consistency and the ease of use of familiar RDBMS.

Fast forward to today and enterprises are expecting the best of all worlds: They want the scale of non-relational with the transactional consistency and ACID guarantees of RDBMS. They want compatibility with familiar frameworks and cloud native experiences, all delivered as-a-service.

Challenge accepted

Enter ISV partner Yugabyte, the company behind the popular open-source, distributed SQL database YugabyteDB. YugabyteDB is a Postgres compatible database that combines advanced RDBMS capabilities and familiar query languages (SQL and Cassandra) with the resilience, scale and geo-distribution expected from cloud native offerings.

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Today, Yugabyte has announced the general availability of Yugabyte Cloud, a fully managed database-as-a-service offering now available across 30+ cloud regions. With Yugabyte Cloud, distributed SQL is effortless, allowing developers to focus on the application instead of the database.

  • Instant productivity: Create and connect to an infinitely scalable, resilient, Postgres compatible database in minutes. No software to install, configure or manage.
  • World-class operations: Rely on the experienced cloud operations team at Yugabyte and their decades of experience to keep your data safe by applying industry-leading best practices.
  • Global availability: Deploy your database anywhere your apps and users are. Yugabyte Cloud is available in over 30 regions in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Fifteen additional regions are planned for the coming weeks.
  • Security: Efficiently secure your data in Yugabyte Cloud using features such as identity and access management, key rotation, database access logging and audit, VPC peering, network isolation and turnkey encryption.
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YugabyteDB architecture and benefits

Partnering for success

The point of a distributed database is that they have to be, well, distributed. The task? Harness the power of OSS YugabyteDB to deliver a database-as-service across 30+ AWS and GCP regions across the globe. To ensure a smooth launch, Yugabyte turned to Google’s largest MSP, DoiT International.

DoiT has a history of helping strategic ISVs like Yugabyte launch, scale and optimize growth across public clouds. Over the course of the last decade, companies with a rapid growth trajectory have used DoiT as an extension of their technical teams to make sure they not only get off the starting blocks effectively, but continue to scale with the demands of consumers. Whether networking challenges in a multi-cloud environment, providing architecture recommendations or launching on the GCP and AWS marketplace, DoiT has the in-house expertise to move quickly from ideation to execution.

DoiT International has acted as a direct extension of the Yugabyte team in supporting the launch of Yugabyte Cloud. Their best in class tools, support and cross-cloud experience have helped streamline the launch of Yugabyte Cloud, and their ISV Go Global Program has acted as a springboard in jumpstarting our GTM efforts.” — Karthik Ranganathan, Co-founder and CTO

Yugabte was a natural fit for the ISV Go-Global program given DoiT’s experience partnering with many strategic software vendors on Google Cloud and AWS. Through the ISV Go-Global program, Yugabyte accessed a range of benefits, including:

  • Proactive support for navigating the AWS and GCP marketplaces
  • Expertise in preparing to launch marketplace listings
  • Business development resources to help ISVs grow top-line revenue
  • Marketing development funds to amplify new launches and updates to ISV products

Beyond the multi-cloud expertise of DoiT engineering teams, DoiT also offers their cloud management platform to help control, manage and reduce Yugabyte’s cloud costs. When leveraged by a fast-paced, distributed engineering team like Yugabyte’s, the platform provides the means to save potentially millions of dollars over the lifetime of the Yugabyte/DoiT partnership.

“Yugabyte leverages DoiT Technical Account Managers and Customer Reliability Engineers to adopt cloud technology best practices for efficient, cost effective, scalable and reliable architecture for their applications,” explained Zachary Almeida-Beers, Manager of DoiT Strategic Accounts. “With this guidance and technical support, DoiT is helping Yugabyte’s team to scale efficiently and gain visibility into their cloud costs.”

A special offer to get started

Looking for a Postgres or Cassandra compatible database for transactional applications? You can get started today with Yugabyte Cloud and get $4,000 towards a production cluster. Simply enter the code “do-it” on this registration page.

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