Ephi — The ephemeral bot for Slack built with Google App Engine Task Queues

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Ephi is a very simple bot for Slack that allows users to send ephemeral messages that are automatically deleted for everyone (i.e. self-destruct messages) after a set period of time. Yes, it’s like Snapchat for Slack, but without the nudity, hopefully ;-)

When to use Ephi?

  • When you wanna say something but not sure how it will be accepted

Example: “I think it was a mistake to upload the version to production”

  • When the message is important now but will be irrelevant soon

Example: “Hey, anyone wants to join me for lunch? I’m having a hot dog.”

  • When you want to share personal or sensitive information

Example: “Company’s credit card no. is 1234–5678–9012–3456 | cvv 789”

  • When you just wanna say something but don’t want to flood the channel

Example: “Anyone headed south? Stay a bit at the office, there’s some heavy traffic...

How to use Ephi?

Just write “/ephi” + your message and it will be deleted after the default 15 seconds.

To manually control the number of seconds for deletion, just add “+#” after “/ephi”.

For example:

  • /ephi this message will self-destruct in 15 seconds
  • /ephi +60 this message will self-destruct in 60 seconds

Who made Ephi?

Ephi was developed by Aviv Laufer and conceptualised by Ilan Leibovich.

How was Ephi made?

Ephi is an open source project written in Golang and deployed on Google App Engine. Ephi utilizes App Engine Task Queue in order to create the delete task with a future ETA. You can take the code and deploy Ephi in your organization.

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