Streamline CloudOps with an intelligent ML‑powered platform

Invest more time building your applications and less time managing cloud infrastructure with DoiT’s Cloud Management Platform at your fingertips.

(No credentials to your cloud required)

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Trusted by over 1,000 digital native companies

Spend more time on your customers.

Less on the cloud.​

Companies all over the world rely on the Cloud Management Platform to drive cloud computing efficiencies. The platform allows you to find and eliminate waste within your public cloud environment.

The end result: you have more time to tune your applications, drive growth for your business and delight your customers.

So what does this look like?

Glad you asked.​


Reveal the secrets of your cloud bill.

You can’t optimize what you can’t see. The DoiT Cloud Management Platform helps you gut check your hunches and make better sense of your cloud costs by providing full visibility of your Google Cloud and AWS spend.

Image 2 Option 2 Cloud Analytics Reports
Image 3 Cost Attributions


Map costs to teams and applications.

Custom groupings allow you to analyze and report costs in alignment to your business so that you can fairly and accurately allocate costs across teams or applications. 


Identify and optimize your BigQuery “weak spots”.

Tired of piecing together BigQuery logs in an attempt to learn something about your team’s querying habits?

The BigQuery FinOps Dashboard allows you to highlight your team’s inefficiencies and delivers actionable recommendations automatically.

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Get compute discounts without compute commitments.

Automate management of compute commitments on AWS and Google Cloud with zero underutilization risk — even if you shut down instances in the middle of the month. Realize the largest possible compute discounts without making annual commitments. 

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End-to-end autonomous monitoring.

ML-powered anomaly detection understands normal behavior of your cloud estate and will warn you of sudden spikes in Google Cloud or AWS usage across all services and teams. No need to set or monitor manual thresholds.

image 6 anomaly decisio v2


Avoid cloud bill surprises.

Create budgets scoped to any combination of cloud resources across Google Cloud or AWS. Set forecasting threshold rules to trigger email notifications when overages are detected.

Image 7 Budgets

Manage the cloud
and more​

Experiment safely without impacting production.

Self-service cloud experimentation with isolated sandbox environments.

Demystify your Kubernetes spend.

Know the true cost of running K8s-based workloads across clusters, namespaces, and more.

Forecast any aspect of your cloud consumption.
Generate forecasts for any combination of cloud resources, across any timeframe.
Detect important spend trends.

Use ML to isolate the aspects of your cloud spend that are trending up or down with a single click.


How much does all this cost?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Yup, you read that right. Your cloud provider covers the tab. Just pay your bill through DoiT International. It’s that simple.

(No credentials to your cloud required)


Need clarification?

We help companies evaluate, test, migrate, and optimize on public cloud. Our goal is to make operating in the cloud seamless so you can focus on what matters most: delivering great products and services to your customers.

As Google Cloud’s largest MSP partner and an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, we’ve made the cloud accessible to over one thousand customers for the past decade.

We do this by giving you access to:

  • Unlimited, around-the-clock consulting, training, and support from senior-level cloud architects
  • Proprietary cloud management technology that makes working in the cloud simple.

…all at zero cost to you. No markups. 

Yup! Think of us as your personal StackOverflow. We’re here to augment, not substitute, your engineering team. Tap into the collective knowledge of a global cloud architect team with 200+ certifications across every major cloud provider, for any situation:

  • Consulting: Thinking of rearchitecting your application? Exploring how to best implement a new solution in the cloud? We’ve been there and done that, and can brainstorm with you on the best ways to leverage the cloud for your use case.
  • Training: As you expand your cloud footprint, you may want to explore new services, or upskill your own team with things like:
    • Architecture reviews & best practice sessions
    • Cost optimization workshops
    • Team training and orientation over dozens of topics
  • Support: Working directly with the platform provider for support can quickly become unsustainable, expensive, and IP does not stay with you. With DoiT you get access to:
    • Around-the-clock, 98%+ CSAT quality support, and <30 min. avg. response time.
    • 90%+ of cases solved without escalation to the cloud provider.
    • Enterprise support with cloud vendors as needed

There is no catch! As Google Cloud and AWS continue to scale globally, they’ve chosen partners like DoiT International to help their customers get the most out of their cloud technologies.

While they offer support options themselves, cloud vendors prefer to rely on partners like us to help you drive direct business value with their technologies. This allows them to devote more attention to innovation and improving your company’s cloud experience with new technologies and capabilities.

In return, cloud providers share a portion of their revenue — the monthly bill you’re already paying — with the partner.

You can think of it as the cloud vendors covering the tab.

Nope. While we do commitments, they’re not required. You can go month-to-month with us if you’d like, and cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

Give the Cloud Management Platform a spin!

Dive in and see for yourself the power of cost visibility and predictability.