AWS Spot Instance Pricing

Optimize your workload costs with automated management of your AWS Spot Instances.

AWS Spot Instance Pricing and DoiT

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances allow you to leverage unused EC2 capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Available at up to a 90% discount compared with on-demand pricing, Spot Instances have a wide range of applications. Use them for stateless, fault-tolerant or flexible applications including big data, containerized workloads, CI/CD, web servers, high-performance computing (HPC) and test & development workloads. The fact that Spot Instances are closely integrated with AWS services such as Auto Scaling, EMR, ECS, CloudFormation, Data Pipeline and AWS Batch means you can decide how you want to launch and maintain your applications running on Spot Instances.

Spot Instances are also easy to blend with On-Demand, Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans Instances to maximize the potential for optimization. Thanks to the sheer operating scale of AWS, Spot Instances have the capacity to provide the scale and cost savings to run hyper-scale workloads. And when EC2 reclaims the capacity back with two minutes of notice, you can choose to hibernate, stop or terminate your Spot Instances.

For guidance on how to implement AWS Spot Scaling, contact DoiT. We have deep, broad experience in cost and performance optimization for the cloud.

“By implementing this project on AWS, we have saved about 15% of the digital media cost which is equivalent to $700,000 of additional profit contribution per annum.”

Eran Heres

VP R&D, Publishing


Understanding AWS Spot Instance Pricing

A key attraction of AWS Spot Instances is the ability to rely on low, predictable prices. Spot Instances are available at prices up to 90% lower than On-Demand instances. In addition, it is possible to provision capacity across Spot, On-Demand, RIs and Savings Plans Instances leveraging EC2 Auto Scaling to optimize workload cost with performance.

Another draw is the enormous operating scale of AWS, which users can harness via Spot Instance pricing. It is possible to run hyperscale workloads with remarkable cost savings, and you can also accelerate your workloads by running parallel tasks.

Ease of use is a further benefit. Launching, scaling and managing Spot Instances through AWS services including EC2 Auto Scaling and ECS is straightforward, or you can use an integrated third party such as Terraform or Jenkins if you prefer.

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