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Bringg supercharges its delivery fleet using Google Maps Platform

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DoiT provides invaluable cross-platform support for Bringg’s integration of Google Maps and Google Cloud workflows and data pipelines.

Fulfillment and delivery are fraught with challenges – and they are often the biggest influence on customer experience. The journey of a product is costly and complicated to get right, but if you get it wrong, customers may not give you a second chance. Fortunately, Bringg is providing solutions in the form of new fulfillment and delivery models optimized for enhanced cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The brief

Bringg offers a unified delivery and fulfillment cloud platform that allows companies to scale up and optimize their logistics operations. Retailers and logistics providers use the platform to streamline their supply chains, enabling innovative delivery and fulfillment models and getting products to their destinations as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

“We provide companies with visibility into their operations and the ability to manage them and respond in real time,” explains Lior Sion, Bringg Founder. The company offers solutions covering last-mile delivery, click and collect, third-party delivery, fleet and driver efficiency and dispatching and routing. 

Mobility is key to Bringg’s prowess in this area, so the company relies heavily on the Google Maps Platform to plan, operate, manage, monitor and improve its shipping services.

What we did

DoiT has a long-established working relationship with Bringg, originally helping the company integrate Google Maps into its logistics platform before guiding it on a seamless migration to Google Cloud. “The Google Cloud reputation for reliability was a big draw. Our clients are household names across the world, we can’t afford to have the platform go down,” says Lior.

Cross-platform support is a key element of DoiT’s partnership with Bringg: Few expert partners have the skills and experience to help companies smoothly integrate Google Maps within a hybrid cloud scenario. 

As a Google Maps Platform Premier Partner, DoiT was the ideal candidate to help Bringg leverage the platform to full effect. The Google Maps Platform offers continually updated, highly detailed global map coverage with accurate street addresses, live traffic flow data and a rapidly scalable cloud infrastructure. 

Bringg relies on the Dynamic Maps and Static Maps APIs for delivery, pick-up and drop-off point identification and verification. It uses Place Autocomplete for the detailed street address capture and validation required for pick-up and drop-off activity. Where businesses, venues, places or institutions are known by colloquial names as well as official titles, the Places service ensures accuracy.

Monitoring delivery fleets in real time is always a challenge, so Bringg uses the Geocoding API to manage this. It also uses the Distance Matrix service to optimize fleet delivery trips. This service manages complex calculations around the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for multiple origin and destination points in relation to the end customer’s availability window and the likely effects of historical and live-traffic conditions on the planned route.

Dynamic Streetview simplifies the notoriously difficult last 100 meters of the delivery process by providing an enhanced understanding of the overall delivery fulfillment context. Bringg also takes care of driver engagement and efficiency by using the Directions API extensively. This service helps drivers to reach their destinations easily while remaining within the Bringg mobile application.

The result

Bringg continues to consult closely with DoiT on a regular basis regarding its current implementation and usage of the various Google Maps Platform services. Bringg’s focus on enabling companies to streamline logistical operations and create the perfect delivery experience for their customers dovetails exceptionally well with our expertise and experience as a Google Maps Premier Partner and a Google Maps Mobility Partner. “We worked very closely together. It was really like a three-way partnership between us, DoiT and the team at Google Cloud,” explains Lior.

DoiT is ideally positioned to advise Bringg on the appropriate services for a particular use-case, the efficient implementation of these services and their optimization both in terms of performance and cost. We also keep Bringg updated on the latest Google Maps Platform solutions, features and services.

Crucially, as a multi-award-winning Google Cloud Partner, DoiT can provide combined support for Google Maps and multiple Google Cloud-related platforms. This gives us a unique ability to  closely assist Bringg in its integration of combined Maps and Cloud workflows and data pipelines.

Lior Sion, Founder, Bringg
“We worked very closely together. It was really like a three-way partnership between us, DoiT, and the team at Google Cloud.”

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