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Independent software vendors scale faster and serve customers better with ISV programs that speed up time to market

As the needs of scaling independent software vendors (ISVs) evolve, their primary focus shifts from cloud cost optimization to leveraging the cloud for growth. In this article, we discuss the needs of growing ISVs and how they can be met with initiatives that facilitate growth acceleration and integration to the Google Cloud and AWS marketplaces. 

Marketplace integration

All the major cloud providers offer marketplace platforms through which ISVs can sell their products to the respective cloud vendor’s customers. The advantages for ISVs with global ambitions are substantial: They get to access enterprise buyers’ pre-committed cloud spend, accelerate deals through streamlined procurement and cultivate partnerships with cloud vendors, which all boost customer acquisition.

However, publishing or listing software in these marketplaces can seem more like setting letters for a printing press than the click-to-deploy process you might expect. That’s where a quality ISV initiative, such as DoiT’s ISV Go-Global Program comes in. This program offers expert direction for startups to navigate the process, assessing their readiness and advising on integration strategies to enable the Google Cloud or AWS Marketplace sales channel. 

Customers receive clarity and technical guidance to enable the AWS and GCP Marketplace sales channels. The process begins with a readiness assessment that confirms timelines and support for the ISVs’ pricing and deployment methods, then reviews the roles and responsibilities involved. Our experts perform a technical deep dive to explain API intricacies, remediate any gaps and present sample code for frontend and backend integrations. Once planning is complete, both DoiT and the ISV review any uncertainties and leverage a detailed project plan to streamline progress.

ISVs have same-day access to experienced engineers who specialize in marketplace integration. In-depth architecture reviews are encouraged early on to ensure either the ISV is optimized and ready to scale or that any risks are identified with resolution steps and execution support. The ISV is then positioned to succeed with a best-in-class project plan and clear path to go live. 

Growth acceleration

ISVs intent on global expansion have evolving, unique needs when creating momentum to drive new leads and win customers. That is why agility defines the best ISV programs; they tailor benefits to each ISV’s needs. With the DoiT ISV Go-Global Program, for example, customers can access go-to-market (GTM) funds for expenses such as event sponsorships, marketing agencies, video productions or any initiatives to generate new customers.

Effective lead generation is to scale it and raise the quality over time by fully funding engagements with vetted lead generation agencies. This approach encourages competition among agencies because an ISV might commit to a lead generation agency for the initial six months of that ISV’s longer committed term with DoiT, on the understanding that a different agency may be engaged if the first choice does not fulfill expectations. DoiT’s role is to suggest vetted agencies, fund engagements and oversee (rather than actively direct) the results they generate for participating ISVs. 

Other initiatives that help drive ISVs’ global ambitions include joint promotion on social media and at key partnership events, as well as help with marketing assets such as press releases, case studies, videos and webinars. The rationale for this flexibility is that the ISV knows its business better than we do, so we avoid prescriptive measures and give each participant the freedom to direct program resources where they believe they will have the greatest impact.

Going global in practice

Vision AI platform Plainsight joined DoiT’s ISV Go-Global program to accelerate the momentum and pipeline build they had already established with Google Cloud. The company was ideally suited to DoiT’s program because they needed a growth maximization approach tailored to their specific circumstances and ambitions. 

In the area of marketplace integration, DoiT has helped Plainsight progress from harnessing Google Cloud to serve its own customers to serving Google Cloud customers themselves by giving them access to streamlined vision AI via Google Cloud Marketplace. 

To fuel Plainsight’s growth acceleration ambitions, DoiT is providing a flexible alternative to the generally static GTM funds offered to growth-focused companies in other ISV programs. With the ever-changing needs of an evolving company in mind, DoiT is giving Plainsight latitude over the kind of resources they need for particular stages of their growth.

For Plainsight, that meant starting with introductions to vetted lead generation agencies and then funding the services they chose. By accommodating clients in this way, the program delivers the flexibility growing companies need to build pipeline. 

Getting started

ISVs for whom growth has superseded cost optimization as their primary objective for the cloud will find real value in the right partner program. The DoiT ISV Go-Global Program is working as a key accelerator for growth-focused businesses that offer software solutions that run on AWS or Google Cloud and need expert direction and world-class, adaptable resources to drive their marketplace integration and growth acceleration. With access to new GTM channels and sustainable top-of-the-funnel momentum, the program expands the reach of qualifying businesses and helps them grow their businesses faster.

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