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Luzzatto & Luzzatto takes 150 years of patent experience to Google Workspace

Luzzato Group
Luzzatto & Luzzatto
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Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys, one of the largest, well known patent firms in Israel, provides intellectual property services to clients in Israel and throughout the world. The company was established as a law firm in 1869 by Riccardo Luzzatto in Milan, Italy. After a thorough examination of all factors, the firm decided to transfer the servers to cloud.

The brief

As one of the largest patent firms in Israel, Luzzatto & Luzzatto is required to maintain a high level of efficiency while keeping their services cost-effective. Therefore, the firm has implemented high quality work procedures and maintains an ISO 9001-2000 Standard Certification, as well as the strict BVQ1 European quality Standard Certification.

What we did

After a thorough examination of all factors, the firm decided to transfer the servers to cloud. One of the determining factors was the reliability of Google’s systems and the low probability of system shutdowns. In the examination performed by Luzzatto & Luzzatto, Google Workspace was found to be the preferred solution over Exchange servers – also in comparison to Microsoft’s Office 365. “The price is not the main reason for choosing Google Workspace”, says Dr. Kfir Luzzato, owner of the firm. “Of course service costs must be reasonable”.

The Google Workspace system with the email, video chat system and Google Drive provide Luzzato and Luzzato with a user friendly system for its employees, combining high accessibility with low maintenance costs. Luzzato’s IT team, who handle many advanced computer systems, save many hours of local server maintenance and are able to focus on core systems specially developed for the firm. Managing user accounts in the two branches can be done centrally and easily from anywhere.

The intellectual property services provided by the firm include: local and worldwide patent searches and the registration of patents, trademarks and designs. Luzzatto & Luzzatto have over 100 employees working in the firm’s two offices, in Tel Aviv and in Omer.

The result

The Google Drive system provides users with a high level of work flexibility. In enables access to materials from home, or from any location at any time, and provides advanced compatibility and swift transfer of documents between users working on a mutual project. “The Google Workspace replaces the previous email system with something more modern and user friendly, combining more functions such as Google Workspace, Instant Messaging and Google Drive. The systems are easy to use and provide many options”, says Dr. Kfir Luzzato, owner of Luzzato and Luzzato.

Dr. Kfir Luzzato
“Google referred us to DoiT International in order to execute the transfer from the existing systems to Google Workspace. The work performed was excellent and we have only the highest praise. The transfer was performed in only a few days, and the unique challenges which came up were quickly and efficiently handled by DoiT International’s team which has demonstrated professionalism and worked long and late to accomplish the job to our full satisfaction”

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