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Helping Commercial Real Estate customers make smarter, faster decisions using Google Maps and Cloud Platforms

Commercial Real Estate
BigQuery Geospatial, Google Cloud, Google Maps Platform, Looker, Workspace
New York, USA

DoiT empowers Cherre to enhance real estate insights faster and save costs with Google Maps and Cloud solutions.

Commercial Real Estate decision-makers face the daunting task of obtaining and analyzing precise property and market information to make smarter, faster decisions. Cherre has emerged as a leading force in Real Estate data and insights, creating a unique “single source of truth” for its customers by integrating their internal, public and paid data sources – empowering them to evaluate opportunities and trends quickly and accurately. This translates into significant cost savings in terms of data integration, physical entity resolution, and analytical insights. By leveraging the Cherre platform, Commercial Real Estate customers can gain a competitive edge in their industry by making better decisions.

The brief

Cherre leverages several Google Cloud products, including Cloud SQL, Compute Engine, BigQuery, Kubernetes Engine, AlloyDB, and Cloud Storage, together with Google Maps Platform and Looker, to provide customers with enhanced and accurate data insights. Cherre partners with DoiT to support its cloud infrastructure, which is almost completely based on the Google Cloud Platform.

One of the critical challenges that Cherre faces is the need to accurately resolve relationships between physical entities (such as buildings), and the vast amount of additional information that needs to be associated with these physical entities. This physical entity resolution problem is often related to semantics, legal definitions, property registration practices, as well as issues of geographic scale and level of detail. For example, several buildings on the same lot may be regarded by the tax authorities as a single entity, while legal proceedings may refer to only a single building on the lot. The key to resolving these relationships has proved to be the utilization of accurate, validated, and granular street address information.

What we did

Cherre’s accurate and up-to-date building footprint database helps the company understand the context, shape and orientation of built-up areas. However, one of Cherre’s biggest challenges is to rapidly and accurately resolve the identity of buildings, in order to link and connect disparate datasets from multiple sources that are destined to be associated with these buildings. Cherre utilizes street addresses to identify the buildings and provide them with an identifying lat/long coordinate, also known as a geocode. The better the identification of the buildings is, the more accurate the geocodes are, and hence the dataset linkage is more successful. To undertake this process, Cherre utilizes the Google Maps Geocoding API and Places API to analyze and convert millions of street addresses into geocodes.

As the number and size of the associated datasets grew, Cherre had to ensure it stayed within its service level agreement (SLA) and could resolve the addressing and geocoding process quickly and accurately. DoiT assisted Cherre in providing Google with the detailed information required to enable Cherre to increase the rate of its address resolution procedures. This allows Cherre to undertake massive amounts of geocoding in a short space of time and provide its customers with data insights within the framework of the Cherre SLA.

Once all the datasets have been geocoded, Cherre utilizes the powerful spatial analysis functionality of BigQuery Geospatial to rapidly link and integrate the datasets. Overall, DoiT’s consultancy and technology have been instrumental in helping Cherre plan, manage and optimize its BigQuery activities. Via the DoiT Console, Cherre can observe and control BigQuery costs with the multi-report breakdown capabilities, utilize the BigQuery Lens functionality, and share optimization insights with the rest of the organization.

The result

Cherre is revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate industry by connecting decision-makers with accurate data and insights to make informed decisions. By leveraging a wide range of Google Cloud products and partnering with DoiT, Cherre provides its customers with accurate and timely Real Estate data and insights while saving significant resources in manual data processing, integration, and analysis. With its continued focus on innovation and excellence, Cherre is poised to remain a leader in Commercial Real Estate data insights.

Kyle Lussier, Data Engineer
“By leveraging a range of Google Cloud and Maps products and the expertise of DoiT, we have been able to solve critical challenges, such as entity mapping and address reconciliation, while saving considerable resources in data integration and analytics costs.”

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