Redesigning our customer support UX


How DoiT improved the creation of support tickets

At DoiT, we continuously work to improve our interactions with customers. We provide around-the-clock support for Google Cloud and AWS services, including the design and architecture of new and existing cloud-native applications. With our company continuing to grow, we saw an opportunity to improve both the support user experience and efficiency of our ticketing system.

To ensure we were making the right changes, we researched the current ways our customers were creating support tickets, researched our analytics data and interviewed our customer-facing staff, mainly from the Customer Reliability Engineering team. Through this work, we identified the following opportunities:

Helping customers select the right cloud

Our support flow helps customers in multiple ways. Customers can access cloud consulting services for major cloud providers, but they can also seek guidance on how to use our own software and answer questions related to their invoices. To make the selection process easier, we added icons to help find the right category faster. 


Helping customers select the right product

Google and Amazon each provide more than 200 products and services. To make our system as efficient as possible, we ask our customers to select the product they are using. We quickly learned that most of our customers use the same services. To make the selection process easier and more efficient, we added these popular services to the top of the list, so it’s easy to find them.


Helping our customers select the appropriate severity

When customers correctly identify the severity of their issue, our staff can work much more efficiently targeting the urgent issues first. We learned that customers need more explanation on what we mean by urgent, so we added an additional description. We also added traffic light color coding and displayed all options at once, so it’s faster to compare them and find the right one. 


Asking for permissions

To successfully solve a customer’s issue we need to understand their specific infrastructure setup. While creating the ticket, we asked customers for view-only access to their cloud environments. In the past, this access request was not visible from the start and we noticed some customers were surprised by it. For increased transparency, we are now informing customers of our intent for these permissions upfront and explaining why we need them.


Reviewing choices 

The ticket creation process requires our customers to make a lot of choices across multiple consecutive steps, closely resembling an online shopping checkout flow. At each step we added a summary of information they had already filled, which is especially important on the last page, allowing a user to review their details before submitting, similar to a final payment page. Displaying the previous choices also ensures that users submit consistent information and can self-correct if they realize they accidentally selected the wrong option.

What we found

With user research, it is possible to bring clarity to a complex situation and help make the support experience smoother and more efficient for both our customers and the company. 

We’ve released these improvements, but our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to constantly monitor user experience and set new targets, so our platform is more intuitive for our users. 

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