Embracing our future: One Global DoiT International

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From the very beginning and since the establishment of DoiT International in late 2010, our vision was to create a global cloud-solution-reseller business while providing our customers with outstanding support on core cloud infrastructure, machine learning, and data analytics.

Our 2018 results demonstrate a strategy that’s working and a solid foundation for growth. Our opportunity now is to accelerate our momentum and build on our strengths.

With that context, today we are announcing a restructuring initiative that will allow DoiT International to intensify our investments in the global markets that fuel our growth, and drive even larger business.

Starting today and during the transition period over the course of the next months, I will be assuming the role of General Manager of our EMEA business. I will expand my existing responsibilities to sales, marketing, finance, legal and operations together with our excellent leadership team.

Yoav Toussia Cohen remains as our CEO and during next few months he will start shifting his focus on building and expanding our Americas operations.

To further this vision our updated leadership team:

  • Ran Rothschild will continue leading as CBO focusing on our growth markets in Israel, Europe and Pacific.
  • Doron Offir will assume the role of Head of Customer Service overlooking our entire customer service operation and making sure our customers are getting truly legendary support.
  • Yoram Ben Yaacov will become DoiT International’s new CTO working with our customers, prospects and business partners on innovative cloud solutions.
  • Noam Ehrlich will continue to lead as CFO, together with our finance team streamlining financial operations
  • Abe Halevy will now serve as our Legal Counsel leading our legal and collection operations.
  • In additional to their other capacities, Doron Offir, Gad Benram and Yoram Ben-Yaacov will also serve as pod captains in engineering team taking care of our technical operations within their pods.

Today’s announcement will enable us to execute even better on our strategy to deliver a more global, robust business that empowers our customers as well as business partners.

It’s amazing what we have been able to accomplish together, and yet I still believe we are in the very early days of what is possible for both us and our customers around the globe.

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