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Automated cost optimization, intelligent analytics and cloud governance, at your fingertips and on your schedule.

“Before using DoiT's technology, my day would be consumed with tedious budget management tasks. Now, it helps me easily handle that. Simply put, using DoiT's cloud analytics technology is not optional in my team. It's how we make sense of our cloud costs.”

Rawand Musaffer

SRE Manager, R&D



Big savings,
little effort

Automate your compute commitment management for optimized cost and agility when you turn on Flexsave, available for AWS and Google Cloud.
Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics

20/20 vision into cloud bills

Understand the most important aspects of your cloud spend to inform internal conversations, identify optimization opportunities and better plan for the future.

Spot Scaling

Smart scale for
greater savings

Save up to 90% on compute spend without compromising reliability, as Spot Scaling automatically adapts ASGs to your needs.

Anomaly Detection

Proactive alerts to stop spikes

Stop cloud cost spikes in their tracks, using DoiT Anomaly Detection to autonomously surface cost anomalies and minimize their impact on your bill.

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Intelligent technology,
built by experts



Automate your cloud cost management with ML-powered tools that maximize savings.



Gain visibility and insights into performance, costs and more to improve your cloud use.



Get end-to-end autonomous monitoring, forecasting tools, anomaly detection and more.

“Cloud analytics by DoiT has been a great tool in helping us to focus on understanding technical cloud metrics and their related costs. It informed conversations that were previously hunches and forced us to better understand our own processes. We saved money and ultimately became a better company.” "

Ben Hizak


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