November 2020 Roundup

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Everything we wrote on our work with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services during the last month.

Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud costs can often be somewhat confusing, and it’s hard to “cut through the noise” to see what really matters. This article explains how to detect trends in cost or usage using Mann-Kendall analysis. Magdalena Trzeciak explains how to isolate trends in public cloud costs using time-series analysis.

Amazon Web Services

Learn how to move AWS S3 objects to an Infrequent Access storage class without going bankrupt by Avi Keinan.

If you’re like us and using both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, read the “How do we assume an AWS IAM roles from a Google Cloud instances without using IAM keys” article by Avi Keinan.

Google Cloud

What to do when Google Application Default Credentials break on you? Start by reading “Dispelling the Google Auth Magic” by Zaar Hai.

Mike Sparr shares his experience in dealing with an issue upgrading Google’s GKE (managed Kubernetes), which we feel is worth sharing if others are planning their upgrades or run into similar issues.

How to put all your logs from multiple Google Cloud projects in one place” by Mike Sparr.

Need to move loads of data between Compute Engine and Cloud Storage? Do not miss this article by Matthew Porter.

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