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Enjoy cloud compute discounts with no compute commitments, risk or overhead management

DoiT International was founded in 2011 with a simple and clear mission: to simplify the complexities of public cloud operations, and thereby help deliver the cloud’s original promise of flexibility, cost optimization and ease of use. Now, after more than a decade of helping our customers solve their most complex cloud challenges through both intelligent technology and expert support, we’re thrilled to announce the latest step in fulfilling that mission: a standalone version of our cloud compute savings technology, Flexsave.

What is Flexsave and how does it address cloud computing cost issues?

With compute costs typically representing as much as 50% to 80% of your cloud bill, lowering that spend is pivotal to your overall budget savings strategy. Flexsave optimizes on-demand public cloud compute cost savings on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) with automation and flexibility, providing a discounted rate for on-demand workloads without commitment, risk or overhead management.

Cloud providers Amazon and Google offer a variety of discount mechanisms, including AWS Savings Plans and Reserved Instances and Google’s Committed Use Discounts, to help reduce compute costs. However, qualifying for compute discounts comes with some steep requirements, such as:

  1. One- or three-year usage commitments 
  2. Highly accurate long-term forecasting of your future compute needs 
  3. Dedicated management of all the different public cloud commitments within your possibly multicloud organization (over 80% of enterprises define themselves as multicloud).

The dynamic nature of public cloud usage combined with relatively static long-term commitment deals mean that getting those forecasts wrong comes with significant real-world repercussions. If you overprovision your workloads, you waste money on unused instances; on the other hand, underprovisioning them will require you to pay a premium upfront for on-demand workloads down the line. These challenges can be especially daunting for growth-heavy companies that likely don’t know what their compute needs will be three months from now (let alone three years) and can’t afford to waste money on their cloud workloads. 

Moreover, managing a portfolio of commitments often requires an entire team of people – or at least a dedicated person – who must have cloud expertise as well as the understanding and ability to relate usage to overall business objectives. Very few growth companies have the resources available to do it all properly. Even large enterprises often struggle with resourcing because it requires an understanding of different needs and usage between various teams, as well as management of a constantly changing calendar of discounts, workload targets, specifications and expiration dates.

Flexsave solves these problems by delivering the flexibility of on-demand capacity at the price of a one-year discount rate – without the commitment. Stable workloads automatically get the discounted rate, thus eliminating the need for forecasting and eliminating the risk associated with a commitment deal. DoiT takes on the responsibilities and risk of commitment management, allowing you to focus on product development and business growth, knowing that your public cloud compute costs are optimized.

How does Flexsave optimize cloud costs?

Flexsave performs ongoing analysis of your public cloud usage to identify any workloads that aren’t already covered by existing commitments, and then automatically and intelligently increases that discount coverage to close the gap. 

cloud computing costs

Getting started with Flexsave requires just two simple steps: 

1) granting DoiT read-only access to the savings recommendations from Google or AWS, and 

2) connecting Flexsave to your cloud environment to start receiving automated savings on your compute workloads

It’s important to note that activating Flexsave involves no additional costs or hidden fees, no need to make changes to servers, code or existing instances and no downtime on your environment. DoiT will never have access to sensitive data like IP addresses or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or metadata, nor will we ever have the ability to make any changes to your cloud environment; DoiT cannot create or run new resources or edit any existing instances. And while we’re on the subject, feel free to check out our compliance certifications.

Generating the estimate and activating Flexsave can be done in less than an hour. Once it’s up and running, you will begin seeing savings on your next billing statement. Cost and usage data will start generating on your Flexsave dashboard in just three days.

Flexsave dashboard
Flexsave dashboard showing GCP on-demand spend and savings

Hundreds of digital natives who have signed on as DoiT resold customers are already using Flexsave, with combined savings of over $10 million since the start of 2022. Those companies include Anagog, who lowered their on-demand compute spend by over 33%, and Pelando, who reduced their infrastructure costs by 40%.

“The biggest benefit that we get from Flexsave is not having the repetitive work of modifying and monitoring instances,” says Alice Paixao, DevOps Engineer Specialist at Pelando. “I simply delegate without worrying about the bill. As a startup, we have a very small team, so using Flexsave gives us time to focus on the business without fear of how much our infrastructure might cost us. Thanks to this technology, I can keep a small and effective team, as well as a cloud infrastructure that’s suited to our needs.”

Where can I find out more?

To learn more about how Flexsave can generate significant cloud compute savings with no additional costs or commitments, read our solution brief or sign up to generate your savings estimate.


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