DoiT International ramps up its European operations


DoiT’s rapid global scaling continues with expansion across further strategic European markets

Having opened its first European base in London in 2019, DoiT now supports cloud customers across the continent. In 2020, DoiT significantly expanded its presence throughout Europe, establishing world-class engineering and sales teams in the United Kingdom, France, and DACH. Since then, it has expanded further, encompassing the Benelux and Nordic regions, Ireland, as well as Spain and Portugal. 

Primed for growth

DoiT, which develops technology and expertise for solving essential and complex cloud challenges, is building on the momentum of exponential revenue growth over the past several years. Its expansion continues globally, with new operations in Australia and across the United States in California, New York and Texas. 

Already a multi-award-winning strategic partner of Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS), DoiT is accumulating accolades in Europe. The Google Cloud team in EMEA named it SMB Partner of the Year for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in 2021, and AWS awarded it AWS Reseller of the year for 2020 and Rising Star of the Year for the UK and Ireland in 2021.

James Moore has been appointed VP of EMEA Sales to steer DoiT’s growth in Europe. James joined DoiT in 2019, having previously worked at both Google Cloud and AWS. He was hired initially to launch EMEA operations with the opening of the U.K. office and the creation of an EMEA team. Since then, he has been promoted four times, his experience in growing hyper-scaling teams driving his success in building the EMEA team and expanding into new markets.  

DoiT supports fast-growing startups and technology companies in various industries, helping them to harness public cloud technology and services to achieve big goals. For digital native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies seeking to prioritize revenue growth over cloud cost savings, DoiT offers an ISV GoGlobal Program. This gives them access to the expertise and resources they need to accelerate customer acquisition by enabling Marketplace sales channels for AWS and Google Cloud, as well as marketing resources to accelerate growth.  

Leading in the regions

DoiT’s DACH regional operation now becomes EMEA North, with Lewin Keller continuing as country manager. As well as existing operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the region now encompasses Central and Eastern Europe, the Nordic countries and Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (BNL).

New customers in the Nordic region include podcasting platform Podimo and games developer Tactile Games –  both Danish companies. Another great example is Soundtrack Your Brand, formerly known as Spotify Business, which is headquartered in Sweden. DoiT has also hit the ground running in BNL. In the Netherlands alone, it has partnered with companies such as online marketplace Catawiki, interactive music video platform Xite and digital asset exchange Bitvavo. Speaking about Bitvavo’s experience with DoiT, CTO Guy Rombaut said that "working with DoiT is a fantastic experience. We easily stay on top of costs and identify optimization opportunities with their technology portfolio. Plus we have instant access to the right cloud expertise, no matter if it’s for AWS, GCP, Looker or another cloud topic." 

Founded in Slovenia, global hash power marketplace NiceHash is leveraging DoiT’s Flexsave to maximize performance by retaining the flexibility to switch virtual machines when necessary without sacrificing Google CUD discounts. Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, Kiwi, a leading search engine for cheap flights, turned to DoiT to facilitate its cloud-to-cloud migration. 

DoiT’s operation in France has expanded into EMEA South under the leadership of Kahina Saighi. The region now includes Spain, Portugal and Italy. In France, DoiT continues to add more customers across the region, including Cafeyn, Innovorder and Malt.   

DoiT has helped Malt, a digital marketplace for freelancers, to optimize costs and scale efficiently. Malt cofounder and CTO, Hugo Lassiège highlighted DoiT’s “deep understanding of Google Cloud, and the fact that they understand the whole ecosystem of services, including Google Marketplace.” DoiT is also providing ongoing support as a technological partner for Innovorder, which is scaling up its operations as a developer of digitization software for food companies. Innovorder CTO Olivier Loverde pointed out that DoiT’s broad view of the ways companies leverage new cloud technologies successfully means “it can offer deep expertise to help us use best practices in deploying the many different services we use.”

“Further expanding across the EMEA region will allow us to offer our unique technology and services to more customers who require a different engagement – doubling down on what’s important for European startups and digital natives who look to gain a competitive business advantage through the cloud but want to realize the value quicker and stay agile,” said James Moore. “I’m excited to see what we will achieve with the talent and dedication of our growing team.”

About DoiT International

DoiT International provides intelligent technology to simplify and automate public cloud use, alongside expert consultancy and unlimited technical support for digitally savvy companies. An award-winning strategic partner of Google Cloud and AWS, DoiT operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. For more information, visit
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