DoiT Achieves AWS DevOps Competency

A Premier Tier Services Partner of AWS, DoiT earns distinguished DevOps competency to help its customers implement business-critical DevOps practices and accelerate time to market

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 15, 2023 – DoiT International (DoiT), a leading provider of cloud cost management technology and services and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Tier Services Partner, today announced that it has achieved the AWS DevOps competency. This achievement is a testament to DoiT’s deep technical expertise in delivering DevOps solutions and ability to accelerate time to market for customers by optimizing each stage of the software development lifecycle on AWS. 

Each year, AWS partners participate in a rigorous process involving a technical validation audit to earn this competency. Partners who demonstrate excellence in the practice of DevOps achieve this competency through a range of services and software products that simplify:

  • Provisioning and managing infrastructure;
  • Deploying application code;
  • Automating software release processes;
  • Monitoring application and infrastructure performance;
  • And integrating security best practices, policies and guardrails.

“DevOps methodologies have become the de facto way to capture the true value of the cloud today. These practices enable companies with the agility needed to develop a competitive edge in the market and improve quality of services for their customers,” said Jaret Chiles, Chief Services Officer at DoiT. “As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner since 2022 and an overall AWS partner since 2016, we’re thrilled to be recognized for our strength in supporting the implementation of DevOps methodologies with customers around the globe – helping them break down silos to deliver faster, reliable and modern cloud deployments."

DoiT’s global technology and expertise offerings enable AWS customers with the full-service solution they need to be successful in their DevOps journeys and reach their cloud goals. With this achievement, DoiT customers utilizing AWS as their public cloud provider will be able to:

  • Adopt automation to increase the operational efficiency of their AWS workload
  • Adopt continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) to accelerate their software development and release lifecycle
  • Enhance observability to efficiently respond to incidents and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Get access to DoiT's library of infrastructure as code (IaC) modules, with best practices built-in

“DoiT’s expertise in DevOps practice and AWS infrastructure management played a significant role in securing and operationalizing our infrastructure at scale and in our decision-making process,” said Chris White, Chief Technology Officer at Apex Networks, a technology company offering advanced networking solutions to transportation and logistics clients. “Their commitment to delivering cost-effective and optimized solutions, while providing zero-cost support were critical factors in choosing to collaborate with DoiT. With their help, we were able to implement additional automation, improve our security and governance posture, and manage our infrastructure as code in order to simplify version control, maintenance, and automation.”

DoiT is proud to be a Premier Tier Services Partner of AWS. In addition to this DevOps competency, DoiT has also achieved competencies in Migration Services and Data & Analytics Services, as well as  nearly 300 AWS certifications earned company-wide. To learn more about how DoiT customers can scale and grow with AWS, visit

About DoiT International

DoiT International provides intelligent technology and premium cloud expertise to simplify and automate public cloud use for digitally savvy companies. An award-winning strategic partner of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, DoiT services more than 3,000 customers in over 70 countries around the world.

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