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DoiT Flexsave plays critical role in Pelando’s DevOps strategies

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Pelando relies on DoiT Flexsave to unlock savings in their Google Cloud spend that would otherwise be out of reach.

Pelando is a social commerce platform where online shoppers can share product deals, discount codes and vouchers with their community of 2 million active users. The platform, which is available for iOS and Android devices, allows its users to upload and share promotions with others and rate and comment on those deals. Scaling their infrastructure to accommodate their growing customer base is an ongoing challenge.

The brief

Although they don’t sell any goods or products themselves, Pelando faces many of the same cloud challenges as ecommerce companies, such as seasonal bursting around peak shopping dates and management of all the different products featured on their site. Additionally, rollout of new website features often changes much of the user behavior, which makes usage forecasting especially difficult.

As a growing company whose DevOps and engineering teams are focused on continual development of their end user-facing website and application, Pelando can’t dedicate entire teams to managing their cloud overhead costs or monitoring their commitments. In the face of that monitoring challenge, Pelando was hesitant to sign a Committed Use Discount (CUD) with Google until they had a way to reduce the strain on their internal teams. Without the CUD, the only discount mechanisms available to them were Preemptible VM Instances for tasks like QA testing and batch processing, but even those come with risk and management work.

What we did

Given all the development work the Pelando team had on their plate, as well as the overwhelming amount of work that managing commitments would put on their one-person DevOps team, Pelando was eager to enable Flexsave as soon as they were onboarded to the DoiT platform. Once enabled, Pelando could sign a CUD with Google and started to see significant savings on their compute usage,. 

This not only freed up funds for more development work and eased the burden on their DevOps team but also made them much more confident when signing their commitment with Google because they knew they could still get a discounted rate on any workloads not covered by their CUD. Without Flexsave, their DevOps team would have had to invest many hours each week on monitoring.

In addition to Flexsave, Pelando gets significant value from DoiT’s specialized support, as well as from other features within the DoiT platform. Reports and Attributions have simplified their cloud usage data and allowed them to identify which Pelando products are using specific cloud resources, which has made internal optimization initiatives around things like cloud egress and cache lookups much easier to complete. Meanwhile, specific cloud dashboards like GCP Lens and Pulse have allowed them to quickly determine which VM types work best for their environment, further enhancing their overall user experience.

The result

  • Reduced infrastructure costs by 40% thanks to Flexsave
  • Improved clarity and understanding of Google Cloud usage from DoiT analytics and specialized support
  • Increased work flexibility to build new features and optimize their spend without spending many hours each week on commitment management
Alice Paixao, DevOps Engineer Specialist, Pelando
“The biggest benefit that we get from Flexsave is not having the repetitive work of modifying and monitoring instances. I simply delegate without worrying about the bill. As a startup, we have a very small team, so using Flexsave gives us time to focus on the business without fear of how much our infrastructure might cost us. Thanks to this technology, I can keep a small and effective team, as well as a cloud infrastructure that’s suited to our needs.”

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