DoiT Migrations:

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers sound business and technical benefits, and like all things, is a journey. This journey can be overwhelming without the right support and the right focus from the outset.
Reaching the desired state can lead to a lot of  inefficiency and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. We are here to help when you are considering your migration to AWS. If you’re planning a cloud migration, you might be thinking: “Where can I get some trusted advice that will not cost me a huge sum of money?” or even more simply, “Where do we start?”
DoiT is in the right place, with the right people and just as importantly, the right pricing model to help you.

DoiT’s migration practice comes to you at no extra cost.

Requirements gathering and business objectives
Build scalable, robust and responsive architecture
Grow and scale your Infrastructure whilst enabling innovation.
How we deliver our AWS migration service:
  • Business objectives and migration readiness
  • Analysis of current infrastructure, utilisation and applications
  • Deep dive into the flow of the applications and dependencies
  • Ensuring the scope of the migration meets the business objectives
  • Architecture and design of the new environment/s
  • Feature parity checks
  • Cost optimisation and rightsizing
  • Modern cloud architecture approaches
  • Working with current software vendors
  • Ongoing, zero cost, technical and experienced guidance throughout the migration

Unlock your potential and innovation with Amazon Web Services:

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Case Studies

Cafeyn was looking for a trusted partner to work with in their migration. As Cafeyn’s is an internationally recognised brand, in a hugely competitive media market, they wanted to ensure that they received the right advice at the right time to ensure that the migration was both cost effective, but secure and minimal downtime.


If your business is considering migrating to AWS, come and have a friendly chat with us today to find out how we can help you deliver on the business needs of your migration.

We are your Trusted advisor with regards to the migration, but more importantly understanding the both the technical and business reasons for migrationing or even, not to migrate.

We have both the experience and the AWS certified/qualified staff to ensure that all your migration needs are addressed and explained, all at no extra cost to you and with no commitment to DoiT.